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November 4, 2017 Malacca, Malaysia

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! Today's blog post will be all about my staycation at Rosa Malacca!

If you didn't already know, I'm currently staying in KL but my family lives in Melaka. I come home every 2-4 weeks, but most of the time I only stay at home. To be honest, I was feeling kinda stressed with all the work that had piled up (both for work and for my blog) that I felt a vacation was needed. 

I first came across Rosa Malacca on Instagram, and I was pretty intrigued with their brown feed and urban aesthetic. The place looked super Instagrammable and the first thought I actually had was "Such a nice place exists in Melaka?!"

I viewed their website and found out that they are a new lifestyle hotel in Melaka that opened around CNY.  The company that owns them also has a few resorts in Cameron Highlands (namely CASA dela ROSA, De’La Ferns, and ROSA PASSADENA) and Rosa Malacca is their first one outside of Cameron.

They aim to have an anti-cookie cutter approach and made it so that all of their branches are unique. Rosa Malacca boasts exceptional cuisine, contemporary design, and awesome service, and they can host both events and you youself as your personal lodging.

They had a message on their site saying that they're open to blogger reviews, so I contacted them and was graciously given a 3-day 2-night stay! I really enjoyed my staycation, and although I did not spend for my lodging, my review, opinions, and thought will still be 100% honest as usual.

Are you ready to begin our story?

Located on Jalan Parameswara, Rosa's building first looks very urban/chic and stands out from the old heritage-esque neighbours that it has.

Full address:
212, Jalan Parameswara, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia.

You can park your car in their parking lot or take an Uber to the hotel. When you arrive, you will be greeted by the lounge:

Compared to a normal hotel where you're immediately greeted by a hotel lobby/staff, I feel like this style is more homey. It literally felt like I was coming back to my own house's living room!

You'll notice throughout this post that Rosa Malacca's aesthetic is mostly brown, brick, green, white and overall stylish.

Once you turn to the left, you'll find an elevator that can take you to the rest of the floors. To check in, you can proceed to level 1.

On the 1st floor you'll be greeted by the reception/check-in counter. First impression was that omg it smelled so good! At first I thought it was the flowers but it was just their scent haha.

Check in was pretty easy, and guests are required to leave a deposit of RM100 refundable upon check out. You'll receive an access card which you'll need to operate the lift from the 2nd floor (rooms) onwards. By the way, did I mention that I was with my brother Euri?

Anyways, we later requested for another access card so that each of us could easily move around, and they were kind enough to comply.

The staff were all very friendly and accomodating. We were actually receievd by May, Rosa's ambassador of buzz. She kindly gave us a tour of Rosa and told us more about this quaint gem hidden in Melaka.

Aside from being able to check in, you can also view some merchandise from the counter. Rosa has imported Swiss watches on display and up for sale, as well as cups and other souvenirs.

The leather watches were so tempting and the mugs would make a great souvenir to take back home!

On the left of the check in counter is Bica & Co, their resident cafe.

The cafe is open to the public, so even if you're not staying in Rosa you will still be able to dine and enjoy the ambiance.

The deco is TO DIE FOR! It's been a while since I last posted a cafe hopping post here on my blog and this cafe defnitely quenched my soul's thrist for Instagrammable spaces that have great food haha.

They have cakes, lunch and drinks available, and I'll go through those more later in the post.

On the right of the check in counter is the courtyard.

Adorned with twinkle lights, guests are free to relax in the courtyard or even have your meals here (you have the option of ordering your meal amd having it outside where it's warm but not too sunny because of the overhead sun shield.

There is also a function room where you can hold events like meetings, seminars, parties, etc. I was told that Rosa has hosted quite a few events like a wedding proposal and a viewing session for Coach Singapore.

This area of the hotel feels very tropical and unique (and definitely Instagrammable omg just read on and you'll see what I mean)

Aside from Bica & the courtyard, there is also a general store on the 1st floor.

Here you can buy even more merchandise like shirts, pillows, bags and more. A lot of the furniture in Rosa's rooms are custom made, so if you would like to bring some of them home, you have the option of purchasing them here.

I really like how personalized and detailed they were with their concept and branding! The furniture and the clothes reflect Melaka's places of interests and they're done in a stylish way unlike normal tacky touristy souvenirs you find everywhere else. 

Finally the main star of the show: my room!

After leaving the 1st floor, you can use the access card to go to your floor. The aesthetic of the hallways are pretty basic: just plain cement.

There are 4 types of rooms and the one we got was the Premier King suite.

 The Premier King is a 40sq m room with a custom made King size or twin bed. When you enter the room you'll first be greerd by the same urban aesthetic as the hotel:

Complete with custom amenities and stylish decor, the Premier King room would be great for pairs (like me or my brother) or even solo travellers who want to experience the luxury of a hotel but feel the coziness of a home.

The bed was pretty big and my bro and I had no trouble getting comfortable and sleeping soundly on it at night.

By the side you have the window, and fortunately for us we had a nice view of Melaka and the main road. In the morning it was pretty bright so I had a cozy time working on my blog and watching movies on my laptop. To be honest, aside from eating all we did was chillax in the room hahaha. I really needed time to myself and the calm vibe of the Premier King room contributed greatly to my good experience throughout my staycation.

There is a shelf with a locker, fridge and clothes hanger available in the room, as well as an iron.

For entertainment there wasn't much except a TV with local channels and a few plug points. I wanted to connect my laptop to the TV and stream a movie (the wifi was super fast) but unfortunately I didn't have an HDMI cable or a pen drive.

The airconditioning in the room worked pretty fast and the room was cold in 2-3 minutes.

As I mentioned I didn't really do anything much during my stay except for blog and relax, so I'd have to say that the room was my fave place in the entire hotel.

The bathroom was simple yet I found it quite pretty! It follows a concrete motif as well but has a clean and bright atmosphere.

The mirror is humongous and there's a close up mirror + a hair dryer + one plug point available inside the bathroom too.

I came prepared with my own toiletries buy I actually didn't need to! Rosa had necessities like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving kit, comb and more available for use.

At the end of my staycation I felt like I would miss the bathroom the most 😭 It's spacious, stylish and bright, every beauty blogger's dream bathroom hahaha.

I didn't get to see how the other rooms looked like but gathering from what I saw on their website, I feel like the Premier King looked the best (aka the most Instagrammable haha). If you're travelling alone or in a pair to Melaka I definitely suggest you to check this room out!

The number 1 most important thing aside from lodging while travelling is of course food. With their own in house cafe, my brother Euri and I had both breakfast and lunch in the hotel.

For Breakfast you can opt for the ala carte menu:

Or you can opt for the breakfast buffet set up in the Courtyard.

For our first breakfast we chose from the ala carte menu and dined in Bica itself.

The food was great (esp the waffle, I recommend it!) and the portions were alright. The menu was pretty limited though, but I think they'll be expaning their menu soon.

For lunch later that day, Euri and I proceeded to the courtyard for a whole new dining experience.

It was pleasantly warm and although there was an outdoor feel, the sunshade gave us cover and protected us from the heat. There's also fans around to keep you cool, but the overall experience sitting out in the courtyard was pretty comfortable.

Bica's lunch menu is larger than their breakfast menu and is prepared by their international chef.

I highly recommend the mac and cheese!

There wasn't anyone else in the courtyard except for my brother and I so it was pretty chill. We were joined again later by May and we had a nice chat for about and hour until we continued taking pictures.

I wanted to take a selfie with May buy it totally slipped my mind 😭 anyways, here's some awesome shots of me taken as always by my talented bro:

On the top floor, you can see Melaka in all its grandeur and access the newly opened gym as well.

I was told that Rosa is working on renovating the rooftop as a space for events as well, so if you're looking for a spot to have your party or function in the future, remember to keep Rosa in mind!

There's a newly opened gym as well with some basic exercise equipment (can't tell you guys much about this because I...don't exercise haha)

After exploring, relaxing and chilling around Rosa, we indulged with some cakes and coffee in Bica.

Their selection of cakes were quite nice and the coffee was pretty good too. My mum dropped by one of the nights that we were there and actually said that she had previously went there before with my dad. They found the place cozy and a nice place to chill, Since Bica is open to the public, I'd recommend dropping by and having some dessert or coffee at night because the atmosphere is very relaxing.


On our last day in Rosa, my brother and I decided to have breakfast by the courtyard.

Like before, the food was good and the presentation was nice:

I actually wanted to take a picture with May on that day because she was really very accommodating and friendly, but unfortunately we couldn't catch her that day. Oh well, we can always drop by again and say hi next time!

In the end my stay in Rosa Malacca was really enjoyable and relaxing. Everything was very classy and very pleasing to the eye. I think what sets it apart from other places you can stay in in Melaka is the friendliness of the staff and the anti-cookie cutter concept that they have with their unique interior design. Although we only really spoke at length with May, the other staff that we came across were all very hospitable and friendly.

If you guys would like to check Rosa out or see what the rooms and the rates are like, please click here to be redirected to their website! 

If you decide to book with them, head over to http://bit.ly/FMDROSA and use the code "EROSXROSA" to get 10% off your booking!

Thank you again Rosa for giving me the chance to relax and unwind for a few days.

I'd also like to thank my awesome brother Euri for helping me take pictures! *I can't live without his pictures now hahaha, my face would just not look the same without him*. Follow him on Instagram at @eyemonstahyuri!

As always, thank you guys so much for reading. See y'all in the next post!

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