Caffe Bene Mid Valley Now Open • Choco Cheese Menu Review

October 25, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today post will be all about Caffe Bene's latest Choco Cheese Menu that I tried out in their latest branch in Mid Valley Megamall!

Located on the same floor as GSC cinemas, Caffe Bene is now finally available in Mid Valley! It can be a bit hard to spot at first, but you can actually see it even from downstairs and is even more visible when standing at GSC's entrance.

The top floor where its located actually has a very "street" feel to it, and the cafe looks like its located outdoors instead of indoors! They have seats available outside as well as inside (since the mall is air conditioned, both areas are quite comfy but I prefer the indoor seating better, you'll see why in a bit!)

As always, their decor encorporates their signature giant clock:

Compared to other branches however, the Mid Valley Branch has a more urban feel to it. It's not as woodsy as the others and has a more comfy, urban look.


Another thing that makes the Mid Valley branch stand out is the merchandise! They have official Caffe Bene coffee and bottles for sale, and the deisgns are very simple and minimalist.

You can place your orders by the counter where you can view the menu as well as their display case.

In their display case you can see most of their bestsellers like their bingsus, toasts, pastries, cakes and sandwiches.

The cafe is actually very cozy and work friendly! If you're like me and you like chilling in cafes to do work or just watch movies, the plug points and wifi will definitely be useful to you.

So now that our tour of the cafe is done, let's get on to the food porn! The latest Choco Cheese menu contains 3 items which encorporate the sweetness of chocolate and the saltiness/savouriness of cheese!

Choco Cheese Bingsu | RM29.90

The star of the show, Caffe Bene's bingsu's latest reincarnation comes in the form of choco cheese! I've never thought of combining chocolate and cheese before, and my first impressio of it was that it would taste like salted chocolate.

Aside from chocolate crumbs, shredded cheese and shaved ice, the bingsu also has chocolate almond pepero sticks, cream cheese gelato and a cheesecake.

It wasn't as salty as I expected but it definitely was a unique flavour! The chocolate was sweet and accounted for 70 percent of the taste. The other 30 percent was the slight savouriness/tanginess/saltiness of the cheese. I can't really explain it through words, all I can say is that it really tickled my taste buds haha.

I suggest removing the cheese cake, mixing the bingsu and putting the cake on top again so that it doesn't get mushed.

Choco Cheese Bene Pastry | RM22.90

The Bene pastry has a slightly richer chocolate taste and I find that it suits my sweet tooth! On the inside there's chocolate and homg it was paradiseeeeee! 😍

I suggest slicing it to pieces, dipping each piece of pastry in the chocolate and covering it with the grated cheese. The grated cheese gives it a salty and slightly creamy texture, but more than that the choco flavour is just 👍👍👍

Choco Cheese Mocha (available hot or cold) | RM16.90

Last on the menu is this cheese mocha drink. Similar to cheese drinks that are trending nowaways, you can either drink the mocha with the cheese foam on top as is: 

Or mix the drink for a more even salty-mocha kind of taste:

I think it a pretty nice drink; not too sweet, not to salty, just right!

And that's it! After trying out the Choco cheese menu we had another toast, and we were super full after that!

We were actually planning on getting some takoyaki afterward, but the toast, pastry and bingsu was so filling that we ended up super full hahaha.

We spent the rest of the evening chatting in the chillax ambiance of the cafe. We were there from about 7pm till 10pm and the whole place was super chill throughout the time that we were there. Also, their K-pop playlist is on fleeeeeeeek #approved

And that's all for this post! I hope you guys found it interesting and informative. As always, thanks for reading and see y'all in the next post!

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