NATURE SMART Haul Part 2 • TOMARU Tofu Like Cream Mask + MAKEREMAKE Soon-Su Lip and Eye Remover Review

October 14, 2017

Hola guys, welcome to part 2 of my NATURE SMART haul! 🎉 In my previous post I shared about my moisturizing morning skincare routine, so in this post I'll be sharing all about my night time pampering routine with Tomaru's Tofu Like Cream Mask & MakeRemake's Soon-Su Lip and Eye Remover.

What is
N A T U R E  S M A R T ?

I explained about this in my first haul post, but if you guys haven't checked that out, Nature Smart is basically a multi brand store from Korea. They sells brands like THE FACE SHOP, Beyond, Tomaru, Beyond The Remedy, CNP Laboratory, Dear Packer and Make Remake, and they're now available here in Malaysia! They're now available on THE FACE SHOP's E-store at

If you're interested in browsing the products under the Nature Smart line, click here! 

I got a total of 5 products from Nature Smart, 4 from Tomaru and 1 from MakeRemake. I already reviewed Tomaru's Soulful Morning Drop range in my previous post, so this time round I'll be sharing about the 2 other remaining products. Let's go! 

Soon-Su Lip and Eye Remover 

Makeup remover is essential before going to bed. You don't want to leave on any makeup on your face when you sleep because doing so will clog your pores or worse: lead to breakouts! 😱 This makeup remover is a mild cleanser that can remove waterproof makeup without the use of ethanol, fragrance and colorants. It comes packaged in a compact plastic bottle with 100ml worth of product and costs RM65.

From the side of the bottle you can see there are two layers:

This cleanser says that it has an optimal ratio of water and oil so it can remove both lip and eye makeup more effectively. It has a pH similar to tears so it won't irritate or sting the eyes.

I only use this product at night after a long day of wearing makeup. I find that this cleanser actually removes stubborn face makeup pretty good as well. My Kat Von D foundation is difficult to remove because it's so full coverage but this remover can easily remove it within 1-2 swipes. 

You're supposed to shake it before use and put some on a cotton pad. For lip makeup removal I'm not very particular, but for eye makeup you have to be very gentle and swipe downwards (in the direction of your lashes). This is so that you don't create any wrinkles. For face, you have to gently swipe upwards to prevent your skin from sagging.

The mixed solution is light but it does leave the skin slightly oily/slippery to the touch. I don't mind this because the oily feeling isn't uncomfortable (it actually feels nicely hydrated). I usually double cleanse with a cleanser anyway, so I don't find this a problem.

I can't really find anything that I don't like with this product because it's only supposed to do one thing (remove makeup) and it does it very well. I usually use only 1-2 cotton pads to remove my whole face of makeup, so I feel like 100ml worth of product is just right. The bottle itself is pretty compact and is better to bring on trips than a huge ass bottle of makeup remover. The price is higher compared to other makeup removers in the market but since it really removes makeup well I think it's pretty worth it.

Overall I'd give this remover a rating of 5/5!

Tofu Like Soft Cream Mask 

After removing my makeup and doing my skincare, I usually pamper my skin with a sleeping mask. This is essential for my night routine on days when I wear makeup, because although I like wearing makeup, I love my skin more. I want to soothe it and give it comfort after wearing cosmetics all day long. Tomaru's Tofu Like Cream Mask is a leave on mask that promises to give you skin as soft as tofu. It comes in this cute tub (that literally looks like tofu haha) with 100ml worth of product and costs RM90.

This mask contains soy bean extract, and soy bean is well known to be rich in collagen and helps to firm the skin. This particular mask promises to brighten the skin with niacinamide, moisturize the skin with hyaluronic acid and soften the skin with collagen.

The texture of this is kind of similar to pudding creams but its more tofu-like in the sense that it feels the slightest bit thicker. The mask is white in colour and usually half a scoop's worth of product is enough for my face. The product itself doesn't come with a spatula, so I use a clean plastic one I got from another product (I clean and sanitize it at first of course).
Once absorbed into your skin, it will form a thin layer that will be there until the morning when you wash it off. The softness that you feel after washing it off in the morning is UNREAL because it really does help to soften your skin! You can actually immediately feel the softness after applying it, but the baby-butt softness you feel AFTER washing it off is even better! I feel like because of the texture and ingredients (niacinamide), this product can be considered a more affordable dupe to Klairs' Vitamin E mask. It also brightens the skin (but very subtle), but what I like most about it is how soft, moisturized and smooth my skin feels like in the morning. The high content of collagen in this masks makes it perfect not only for pampering the skin after a long day but for prepping for any big events.

I use this every other night or on nights when I wore makeup for a long time. I also use this on nights before an event or when I know I want my skin to look good with makeup. I would recommend this product to people who need to pamper, brighten an hydrate their skin. Although its RM90, its actually more affordable compared to the normal retail price of other masks sleeping masks that don't really work that well with my skin (ahem ahem). It definitely good to invest in your skin because at the end of the day, without the makeup and filters, your bare skin is what you have left and it's important to feel great in your own skin. 

I give this mask a rating of 5/5 as well! Love it to bits! 💕

And that was it for my review on Tomaru's Tofu Like Cream Mask + MakeRemake's Soon-Su Lip and Eye Remover! If you're interested in getting anything, you can also use my discount code TFSXEROS at checkout to get an additional 10% OFF all Nature Smart products on THE FACE SHOP's E-store..

Click here to check out THE FACE SHOP's e-store and click here to check out their FB! If you guys found this review helpful, please click here to read part 1 of my Nature Smart haul!

As always, thanks for reading and see y'all in the next post!

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