NATURE SMART Haul Part 1 • TOMARU Soulful Morning Drop Range Review

October 13, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing with you guys my review and thoughts on Tomaru's Soulful Morning Drop Range.

This post is actually part one of my Nature Smart haul + review, and you can see part 2 by clicking here!

What is
N A T U R E  S M A R T?

Nature Smart is actually a multi brand store from Korea that sells brands like THE FACE SHOP, Beyond, Tomaru, Beyond The Remedy, CNP Laboratory, Dear Packer and Make Remake. Of course I've heard of THE FACE SHOP, but I've never tried products from any of the other brands under Nature Smart. I've heard of CNP Laboratory from Daryl Aiden before, and I actually first heard of Tomaru & Beyond from my friend Anis from When she was in Seoul, I think she stumbled upon Nature Smart and she snapped some pictures asking if I wanted to get anything:

Luckily I didn't have to burden her with carrying heavy skincare products back from her trip because Nature Smart is actually already available here in Malaysia! They're now available in THE FACE SHOP Malaysia's E-store at

If you're interested in browsing the products under the Nature Smart line, click here

So I got a total of 5 products from Nature Smart, 4 from Tomaru and 1 from MakeRemake. In this post I'll be reviewing Tomaru's Soulful Morning Drop Range first, so without further ado, let's go!

What is
T O M A R U ?

Tomaru is a K-herb cosmetic brand specializing in products containing premium local Korean ingredients. Korea is super well known as a pristine country filled with lots of fawn anf fauna, and Tomaru aims to deliver the energy or nature to the world. I did some research on their brand and their products and I only found out that their ambassador is Twice!

Anyhoo, putting my fanboy-ness aside, Tomaru has many ranges like the Soulful Morning line, the Tofu Like Soft line, the Pure White Blossom Line, the Anti-Aging Season 1 line and the Everyday Sunday line among a few.

THE FACE SHOP Malaysia currently carries the Soulful Morning Drop Range, the Pure White Blossom range and the Soft like Tofu range.

All of Tomaru's products contain 6 common ingredients found all over Korea: Jeju Spring Water, mountain hydrangea, Jeju bamboo, Dolweo, snake gourd and west sea mud (on of the highest quality mud in the world)

Soulful Morning Drop

The products from this like provide basic hydration and moisturization to the skin. It promises to help repair skin that was damaged by external stimuli. There are 12 products in this line and I have 3 of them: the fresh toner, power essence, and power cream aqua pump.

This line is called the Soulful Morning Drop line because it contains wheat sprout morning drop. Morning drop is actually tree sap released by leaves on their tips through fine holes in the morning. It contains essential moisture and nutrients that helps the plant grow. Wheat sprout on the other hand contains 12 minerals, 6 saccharides, 3 amino acids and vitamins, giving it an anti-stress effect. This range also incorporates Malt, and mixing wheat sprout morning drop with malt effectively delivers rich moisture & nutrients into the skin.

Soulful Morning Drop Fresh Toner

This toner is a mild toner suggested for oily skin types that delivers soothing and sebum controlling effects. The product comes in a semi-transparent tube container with 200ml of product and costs RM115.

This product does not have alcohol and is free from other harmful ingredients like Mineral oil, Paraben, Phenoxyethanol and Synthesized organic pigments.

The texture is very light and gets absorbed very easily into the skin. It also has a light pleasant smell.

This toner contains green tangerine peel which is known to be good for oily skin. After using this for a while now, I've found that it has not broken me out and is more of a hydrating toner than a sebum controlling toner. I still secret oil (of course), but I didn't really see any dramatic decrease in my oil secretion after using this. I do however find the scent very nice.

How I use this product is I take a cotton pad, pour out a coin-sized amount and swipe it gently onto my skin in an upwards motion.

It does a good job of getting rid of dirt/exfoliating, and as I mentioned, it is quite hydrating too. Aside from using this as a toner, you can definitely use this as an essence too by taking a few drops of the product and patting it into your skin.

I find that it's great because it exfoliates and hydrates my skin, the two things I want in a toner. Its great for people like me who are constantly on the go and need a mild toner that does what it's supposed to do.

Soulful Morning Drop Power Essence

This essence is a moisturizing essence that promises to provide basic hydration and to strengthen the skin's barrier. It contains Acorn (which is known to to be moisturizing) and Ceramide (which strengthens the skin). It comes in a pump type bottle packaging with 50ml of product inside.

It has a citrusy/fruity scent and has a light formula. I usually use 1-2 pumps for my whole face and it absorbs into my skin within a few seconds. This essence is free from mineral oils parabens, phenoxyethanol and synthesized organic pigments as well

Although it says its an essence, I think of it more of an all-in-one light moisturizer kind of product that delivers what it says it will give. It delivers hydration, firms my skin and soothes my skin all in one go, but I feel like I wouldn't solely depend on this product. Usually, after using this I feel like I still need to add on a moisturizer. On days when I apply makeup, I add this in before my primer just to deliver additional moisture into my skin.

Bottom line: I do like it and I find it nice and hydrating. If you were thinking of adding on something into your routine, this would be great. If you are looking for something that will really moisturize your face to the point where you feel like until like you don't need to use anything else because it's so hydrating, then I recommend the power cream instead! ^^

Soulful Morning Drop Power Cream-Aqua Pump

I feell like this moisturizer is like the best among all three of the products that I got. Its an ultra lightweight gel type cream perfect for people with oily skin types. It also contains acorn + ceramide, and is supposed to give an instant hydration effect as well as cool/soothe the skin. It comes in a 50ml tub packaging and costs RM155.

Why I like this so much is because the texture is really comfortable and the hydration can be felt instantly. It has a white gel like consistency that is quickly absorbed into the skin. The scent in the tub reminded me of Klairs' Vitamin E mask but once you apply it on it smells citrusy like the other Tomaru products (weird right haha).

I usually use 1-2 scoopfuls for my entire face, and I find that this is very suitable for people looking for moisture but not wanting to do 100 steps to achieve it haha. Its quick, simple, and no hassle. It does leave a slight film on the skin, but the film isn't sticky at all.

It acts as an excellent base for makeup, but of course if you would like to be more oil free throughout the day you have to put on more powder. It doesn't really control sebum that well, but it compensates by really cooling and hydating the skin throughout the day.

It's one of my go to moisturizers right now and I find that after using it for 3 weeks straight, I don't mind continuing to use it. It didn't break me out, and when I did get a few pimples (from stress and improper makeup removal), I would use my Dr. Belmeur moisturizer at night and continue using this in the morning.


Overall, I think the Soulful Morning Drop range does 1 thing best: moisturize. The toner hydrates, the essence can add on moisture to your existing routine and the cream is basically all the moisture your skin needs. I really like the scents of the products and the concept of all of them being made with organic ingredients found only in Korea.

All of them are really great but if I could only suggest one product to you guys, it would be the cream <3 p="">

And that was it for my review on some of the products from Tomaru's Soulful Morning Drop line! If you're interested in getting any of the products I mentioned, you can use my discount code TFSXEROS at checkout to get an additional 10% OFF all Nature Smart products.

Click here to check out THE FACE SHOP's e-store and click here to check out their FB! If you guys found this review helpful, please click here to read part 2 of my Nature Smart haul!

As always, thanks for reading and see y'all in the next post!

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