The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum Review

September 21, 2017

Hi guys, today's post will be all about The Face Shop's The Therapy First Serum!

I just posted a new video on my Youtube channel trying out the 7 Skin Method, so before anything alse, click in to watch it!

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The Face Shop's The Therapy First Serum is fast becoming one of my all time fave skincare products! It's an anti-aging serum designed to be the first step in your skincare.

This serum can actually be used in 7 different ways:

1. First step of skincare.
You can immediately apply this after cleansing and toning to help boost the effects of the skincare products that come after it. Not even gonna lie, when I first got this product I patted in 2 pumps of this serum into my skin followed by a light moisturizer and my skin felt so soft the next morning!

2. 7 Skin Method
I think the reason why this serum is so versatile is because the consistency is perfect. It's not really thin and its not really thick. The 7 skin layering technique is done by layering a product 7 times to ensure maximum moisturization. You can do this by patting the product into your skin one layer at a time.  Around layer 4 and 5 I felt really bouncy, and at layer 7 I felt so moisturized that I didn't feel the need for a moisturizer. My skin was hydrated and was overall really bouncy and soft.

3. Exfoliation
This serum can also be used like a toner to help exfoliate the skin. I usually pump the product onto a Green Tea cotton pad and gently wipe it on my skin in upward motions.

4. Mask
This is one of my fave techniques because it really guarantees that your skin is soaked in the product
and gets the most nutrients from it. You can dampen a sheet mask with The Therapy First Serum, lay it onto face for 20 minutes for a supe- charged hydration boost. If you don't have a compressed or plain sheet mask, you can also use cotton pads.

5. Mist spray
Working or studying in an air-conditioned room from 9-5 isn't very good for our skin, and quick
hydrating mist will help keep the skin plump and refreshed all day long. To make this serum a mist, pour it into a mist bottle and jjajjan! Your own DIY mist!

6. Aromatherapy treatment
Because this product contains essential oils and lavender, the scent can be very soothing and calming
Spray the serum on a warm damp cotton face towel and press it onto the face.,

7. Stress reliever
You can do a face point massage to relieve muscle tension on your face, as well as patting to stimulate your skin's blood circulation.

As I mentioned in the vide, The Therapy First Serum is lightweight but hydrating, and it was blended using a hundred-year-old European blending method. It contains Thalassotherapy water which literally means sea treatment.

The water in this serum is from the sea of France and contains
- sea water enriched with minerals
- blue algae that is anti-aging
- and Oligo-fur-cell-a-ran, a natural sugar compound that forms a barrier to retain skin moisture.

It also contains 3 essential oils
- Palmarosa which is anti-bacterial and antiseptic
- Avocado oil which is moisturizing 
- and Sandalwood which promotes healthy skin and prevents wrinkles 

This serum comes in a 130ml bottle and costs RM148.29. If you buy a bottle from September to October 2017, you'll get another full sized bottle free! Not only that, RM15 will go to MAKNA (Malaysia's National Cancer Council) for cancer awareness. You'll also get a free pouch!

I feel like with the results and current promo that TFS has, this product is super worth it. Not only do you get a lot of serum, you also get to donate to charity! The serum is available in all The Face Shop stores nationwide as well as their new e-shop at

And that was it for my review of The Face Shop's The Therapy First Serum! As always, thanks for dropping by 💖 See y'all in the next post!

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  1. I hope Althea will cater this serum. I would like to try this.


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