Breena Beauty Blending Pearl Review

September 7, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing all about Breena Beauty's Blending Pearl.

I recently received all 9 of Breena Beauty's Velvet Creme Liquid Lipsticks + their newly launched blending pearl and I was soooooo happy! I've been hearing so much hype about the lipsticks from fellow bloggers + saw a lot of good feedback on the blending pearl so I was really excited to try them out for myself.

I've been playing around with the products and decided to recreate an easy look that I recently did for an event on my Youtube channel. You can find the video here:

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Since it'll take me some time to try out all 9 shades of the Velvet Creme, I thought I'd share my review of the Blending Pearl first.

So this beauty sponge is soft latex free beauty sponge that can be used both dry & wet (according to BB's site). It's light pink in colour and has 3 sides

*Here's what the sponge looks like dry*

The rounded side can be used for wider parts of your face like foundation/cheeks, the pointed side can be for hard to reach places like your undereyes/concealer and the flat side is for baking.

*Here's what the sponge looks like damp*

When I got it I was kind of concerned because compared to the other sponges I've tried, the Blending Pearl was more porous, so I was scared it would be too streak (but it was actually quite airbrushed! Continue reading to see).

Once damp, the sponge expands and becomes super soft and squishy. Compared to other sponges I've tried it's also lighter and feels more airy.

After priming and moisturizing my face, I usually apply concealer to hide my acne scars. To do this I applied the product to my face, let it sit for a while and buffed it out with the pointy side.

After that I apply foundation and buff it out with the round side:

Sorry for the lighting, I promise you this shade matches me in real life haha. As you can see, the sponge helped to evenly cover my face, providing a smooth, airbrushed look!

I was so in love with the look of it after first using it that I haven't stopped using this sponge ever since I started T.T I still have my handy Forever 21 sponge in my pouch by nowadays I tend to reach out to this sponge more because of how nice it applies my makeup.

After foundation, I put on some concealer to highlight my undereyes and use the pointed side again to buff it out.

I find that the flat side actually provides a nice grip for my hands while doing this.

After that, I immediately set my undereyes with some powder. I dampen the sponge again with the mist and bake my undereyes.

So far I've used it with mousse (foundnation), liquid (concealer) and powder and as you can see it worked pretty well!

Lastly, I tried it with a cream contour and to no surprise:

It blended out beautifully! 😍 One tip I can give you guys who want a super contoured cheek look is to do cream contour under your powder contour. You can also do some inverse contouring with a translucent powder to really make your contour pop. You can take the flat side of the sponge and make a line under your contour.

Let it bake for a while and just brush it away with a powder brush before setting your makeup.

Overall I really love this sponge! For RM35, you get a quality, latex free sponge that can be used for mousse, liquid, cream and powder products. I definitely think that it's worth the price + is super easy to use. I recommend getting one and trying it for yourself! The squishyness is just 😻 You can also get 3 for only RM100.

To wash the sponge, I use a sponge cleanser that I got from Daiso. The plastic case that it comes in actually acts as a stand too while you're letting it dry 👌

For lips, I used the Velvet Creme in the shade Cocolatte:

Its so different from my usual lip tint look and I love it! I'll definitely be doing a review on these babies soon, so stay tuned!

If you guys are interested in getting anything from Breena Beauty, checkout their site at You can also head over to their Instagram at @breenabeauty to see a list of resellers near you.

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As always, thank you guys for dropping by and see y'all in the next post!

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