Breena Beauty Velvetcreme Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

September 9, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing my review of Breena Beauty's Velvetcreme Matte Liquid Lipsticks.

I also shared about their Pink Blending Pearl, so if you haven't checked that out, click here to read all about it.

Breena Beauty is a local Malaysian beauty brand that carries matte liquid lipsticks, beauty sponges and some brushes. They recently sent over their Velvetcreme lipsticks for me to review, and today I'm finally going to share all about them with you guys.

Just a disclaimer, these products were sent to me but as always, I was not paid nor was I asked to give a positive review. My review is 100% honest and contains my real, unbiased opinion. Without further ado, let's get on with the review!

Breena Beauty's Velvetcreme Matte Liquid Lipsticks are long-wear, high-pigment liquid lipsticks that have a smooth velvet matte finish. They promise to stay on all day, to be kiss-proof & be lightweight and comfortable.

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These lipsticks cost RM39 each and are available on Sometimes there are sales where you can get 3 lippies for RM99, so if you're keen on trying a lot of shades, you can get one first and wait for sales to get the others haha.

Update: Breena Beauty is now available offline in PlayUp Advance in Fahrenheit! You can swatch the shades there to see how they are in real life, and the price is the same. If you're in KL, definitely drop by!

The lipsticks come packaged in a white and gold foil box:

There is 7ml (0.24 fl oz) worth of product in each Velvetcreme lipstick, and for comparison, Colourpop's liquid lipsticks come in 3.2g (0.11 fl oz) and Kylie Cosmetics' lipsticks come in 3.25 ml (0.11 fl oz).

Each component comes packaged in a sleek transparent tube with white & gold detailing. So minimalist + aesthetic!

As with all lipsticks in the same range, the ingredients vary because of the pigments/colour. You can find the full list of ingredients on their website for each lipstick, but the main plus point I've found is that all their lipsticks' ingredients have been approved by the Malaysia Health Ministry.

The texture of these lipsticks is smooth and creamy upon application. They don't dry that fast, and you definitely have time to work your way to making your lip shape before it dries matte. I realized that to get it to that "indestructible" unmovable state, you have to let it set for a while. If you try to remove it immediately after it has dried, it will still be easy to remove.

I know it sounds confusing haha, the bottom line is: let it dry and don't touch it for a while. After it has fully set even oily food won't really affect it.

Before using liquid lips, I used to only stick to lip tints. Getting these Breena lippies was actually a great way for me to try liquid lips out and expand my makeup techniques haha. After playing them for a while, I really fell in love with Cocolatte, a medium dark brown coffee shade. I attended Dirty Benefits' birthday party with my friend Syd, and since it was coffee themed Cocolatte was perfect.

After the event I met up with my friend Caryn and we had Bak Kut Teh and some drinks. Overall I wore the lips for 9 hours and they didn't budge at all!

I didn't really eat very "dainty"-ly and try to avoid smearing my lips. I just ate and drank as I normally did and I found that my lips were still intact at the end of the day. The staying power was even more visible when I tried to take it off. I suggest using an oil based lip remover and not your normal micellar water/makeup wipe because these lippies are hard to remove! Luckily I had the chance to play with these lippies before the day of the event, so I already knew how to properly remove them (they're super easy to remove as long as you use the correct remover).

Compared to lip tints that I was more used to, these matte liquid lips from Breena were pretty comfortable. Yes, they were matte, but for someone who has dry lips, it wasn't uncomfortable at all. I think it'll definitely take some time to get used to the matte feeling of liquid lippies, but at this point I'm used to it and I find Breena's lippies very lightweight on my lips.

I've actually been using Cocolatte the most hahaha, so I probably will be repurchasing it soon! I really like how long lasting but lightweight they feel on my lips. The price to size ratio of the lippies are also quite good compared to other international "affordable" lippies like Colourpop's or Kylie's. TL:DR : YES!

And that was it for my review! If you would like to read my other Breena Beauty reviews, click hereAs always, thank you guys so much for dropping by my blog! I hope you guys liked this blog post and found it informative & helpful. I'll see y'all in the next one!

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