Avon Exclusive Perfume for Him & Her

September 24, 2017

They say you're never fully dressed without perfume, and these two Him & Her scents from Avon's new Exclusive perfume range are perfect for everyday or party use!

Avon is one of those household name brands that every beauty lover has probably come across at least once in their life. I did some research and found that Avon was actually founded in 1886, making the company 131 years old this year!

Anyhoo, I recently got two scents from their selection which are the Avon Femme Exclusive Eau de Parfum Spray and the Avon Homme Exclusive Eau de Toilette Spray. Both come in a prismatic bottle with the femme one looking more feminine/crystal and the homme looking more sleek/masculine. First of all, I love the packaging and overall presentation of the scents! Fun fact: The difference between an eau de parfum and an eau de toilet is the concentration of oils in the fragrance. Parfums have a higher concentration.

Avon Homme Exclusive Eau de Toilette Spray

(East Malaysia: RM102.40 ; West Malaysia: RM89)

 This comes in a 75ml bottle and is described as "A captivating and luxurious aromatic woody fragrance that exudes power and confidence, with zesty grapefruit, herbs and spices, and earthy vetiver". I find that the scent is very manly and gives a very confident feel. It doesn't have a musky/over heavy feel to it and I quite like the lightness of it! 

I've worn this out when I went malling/shopping and I find that the scent lasts around 4-5 hours. One tip I have for you guys is to spray it on your clothes and not on your skin. Since perfume still is alcohol, it's still will harm your skin. I didn't get any irritations or anything, but just a general tio with fragrances.

It doesn't smell like a generic alcohol-y scent too, and I actually find the scent to be unique. Its light enough that it can be used daily for work but it also has an air of confidence/manliness that makes it perfect for formal events. For all you guys out there, it's definitely manly enough that it brings out your masculinity and gives you that suave feel. It's perfect for when you go out, go to work or even go on dates! 😉

Avon Femme Exclusive Eau de Parfum Spray

The "Her" counterpart of the Exclusive range come in a 50ml bottle and is described as a "radiant floral oriental with sparkling pear, captivating jasmine infusion and a warm, addictive black vanilla essence that lasts all day"

Since this is an eau de parfum it lasts so much longer; almost 7 hours! I find that the scent is very fruity and flirty, and the pear scent is very apparent! It's not ultra feminine and actually feels strong, so for you girls out there who wanna be your own boss and own your power, this is the fragrance for you.

The packaging itself is gag-worthy and so perfect for any vanity/desk/shelf! It adds a very luxurious feel to any flatlay/decor and definitely doubles as a statement piece. After finishing the perfume you can totally just fill it in with coloured water and it'll still look zamazings hahaha.

(East Malaysia: RM102.40 ; West Malaysia: RM89)

And that was it for my short review of Avon's Exclusive Perfumes for Him & Her. To be honest, branded perfumes can cost anywhere from RM200-500. My treasured Versace Eros lasts very long but costs very expensive, and my Victoria's Secret scents smell zamazings and are affordable but only last for about an hour. These Avon ones are perfect for any couple (or single person) who wants to smell fresh and on fleek all the time. I mean who doesn't want to smell good, right?

If you guys want to smell these for yourselves, you can head over to their supply store or contact an Avon representative. These babies are available on the Avon Malaysia website as well as on Zalora!

For more info, you can also keep up with Avon on their Facebook and Instagram.

And that's it for this post, I hope you guys enjoyed it and found it helpful! See y'all in the next post!

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