My Influence Asia 2017 Fanboy Experience

April 10, 2017

Alrighty, here we go 💪 Hi guys welcome back to another post! The past weekend was so surreal for me, like I can't believe so much happened in one day (for me at least haha). If you didn't already know, I went to Influence Asia 2017 last Saturday, and its Asia's largest Social Media awards show that honors the top influencers from 7 countries: Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia. There are 11 categories and 15 nominees per category. The top 4 per category were announced beforehand and the winners were announced that night.

The attire was black tie and I was in such a dilemma because I had no shoes to wear here in KL! I went on a shoe hunt and finally settled on these nice shoes I found on sale at Monki. Unfortunately, my despo ass didn't take into account trying to walk in the shoes when I bought it because it was so damn painful the day of the event!

Anyhoo, I woke up late on the day of the event which was so annoying because I had to go to Fahrenheit88 to pick up some stuff for a review. After haggardly finishing my makeup, I headed over to Bukit Bintang and settled that first.

After that I had lunch in KLCC with Fufy where we also met up with Bella. We headed to the Plenary Hall and since we were quite early, we had time to take a few OOTD shots.

*Ignore the damn shoes, they were too painful*

The first influencer I met that day was none other than Edward Avilla! He was near the entrance and I managed to catch him for a pic.

Tbh, Edward is kinda like my Asian Jeffree Star. At first I didn't like him (because I'm judgemental like that), but after a few more videos I realized that he was a quality content creator and his stuff wasn't as bad as I thought. So like Jeffree, I'm now a 100% supporter and subscriber to his channel. He was very friendly and I was so glad I got a chance to meet him 😊

Next, as we were lining up we managed to meet Both and Newyear! I ALMOST DIED, LIKE!!!!!!!!! They're a Thai couple that's super super good looking and super popular on Instagram, like I remember following them when I was still in high school and loving all their pics.

They look so perfect in real life homg ðŸ˜­ðŸ˜­ðŸ˜­ Just a heads up, I came into this event thinking I looked BEAT and PAINTED, but the perfection of all these influencers really...I just looked like a potato next to all of them 😂 So a lil' heads up on the photoshop 👌 

Anyhoo, as always Both and Newyear were swarmed by tons of their die hard fans (tbh I was one of them), and they were kind enough to take pics with everyone that wanted to take pics with them 😊

At the entrance of the hall, there was a backdrop for red carpet pics, but before I could take one, guess who decided to flow in gracefully into the room? FRIGGIN CHANWON THAT'S WHO! 😍😭😭😭 She looked so pretty in her white gown, and she's so thin in real life! Again, she was super friendly and obliged to taking a picture together 😭 

Chanwon is such goals! I came across her Insta last year and I friggin loved all her pastel pink pictures. I've been a reader of her blog since then and I think I've gushed about her here on my blog before as well. Hopefully I'll get to meet her more often in the future!

After meeting Chanwon, we took some shots by the backdrop and headed in.

The hall was still half empty when we got there, but the top floor was already filled with fans (mostly Jessica's fans haha).

Although our tickets were VIP, we were asked to sit near the back of the hall because the front and middle was for influencers (there were so many of them!)

If you follow me on Insta you'll know that I posted like a million Insta stories that night 😂 the fanboy spasms were real! I nearly lost my mind when Yutakis and Ssinnim walked into the room! I legit told myself I wasn't leaving the damn building without taking a picture with them 😂

Before the show started I also managed to glimpse Cupcakeaisha, who I should have approached to take pictures with because I couldn't find her afterwards ðŸ˜­

The awards kicked off with a performance by TheLioncityBoy (who was pretty good);

 and was followed by a welcome speech

The first category to be presented that night was Top Beauty Influencer for each country:

Yutakis was nominated for Singapore and although I screamed my heart out, the award went to Miyake. I love Miyake but I LIVE for Yutakis and he should have gotten the award.

Chanwon won for Malaysia and I was so proud and happy for her!

Ssinnim won Top Beauty Influencer for Korea and think it was very well deserved. She also got Influencer of the Year for Korea and she looked so badass taking her trophies 😍

After that the other categories were presented, and one of the most memorable ones were for Parenting. Yebin was there and everyone went nuts for the cute kids that went on stage. 

I was kinda disappointed that my faves (Yutakis, Newyear and even Edward) didn't win, but congrats to everyone that won ðŸ’•

There were a few other performances but the one performance that EVERYONE was waiting for was Jessica!

Okay, I'm a die hard SONE and I'm 100 a Jessica stan, but I was really pleasantly surprised that she didn't lipsync in the first song. The second song had a bit of backing but vocally I was so happy to hear her sing 😍 This is my first SNSD expereince and I was spazzing so much inside my head haha.

Once the event was over I legit thought I wouldn't be able to catch Yutaki, so I went over to his seat and asked for a pic. Unfortunately the pictures came out super blurry 😭 HOWEVER! It was announced that there was an official photo taking time and I got to take not one, but TWO clear pictures with Yutaki!

I can go die in peace now really 😭 He was super nice ance was super friendly! He's such an inspiration to me, both in photography/aesthetics and in blogging. He's one of the main reasons why I try so hard in taking nice pictures because his level is seriously so high and good, and seeing his work just motivates me to improve my content. From my high school days of obsessing over his pics, winning his photobook and finally meeting him that day, I felt so...starstruck really.

I couldn't really say much to him because I didn't wanna go like "Hi, I've been obsessed over you for years, let's take a pic", but I decided to just play it cool and settle with pictures 😂 I LOVE YOU YUTAKIS! 😍 (PS. I'm not crazy, I just really look up to him!)

He also took pics with Both and Newyear, and let's be honest, everyone want's to take pics with Both and Newyear.

Lucky me here got another pic with them! Don't judge, I had to milk the opportunity for all it was worth haha

I also managed to snap some selfies with Naomi Neo (who won Top Lifestyle Influencer for SG!)

Jinnyboy and Reuben (who won like 4 awards collectively I think)

Dennis Yin:

and Lucas Lau (who's I managed to catch as he was leaving haha. Thanks for the pic Lucas!)

As we were exciting we passed by Edward again so I was like why not take another pic?

Everyone was super super friendly and it was such an awesome experience. I managed to catch Chanwon again and I got to congratulate her too, but unfortunately the pic I took was blurry again 😅 Bella, Fufy and I headed out for some dinner and called it a night after that.

Back home, I posted some Instastories up and Yutaki actually replied to one of them:

I had to reread that message like 2 or 3 times because he said "finally meet you", and I was like !!!!!!!! Did he actually notice my stalker ass before? Tbh I don't comment much on his Insta posts and I'm more of a silent follower because #1 I'm obsessed enough as it is I don't wanna come off stalkerish and #2 I love him and his work but I'm not a kiss ass that wants to comments on each of his every action haha.

It was legit a "senpai noticed me" moment, and I thought it would end at that. You what what happened next?

😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I died that night. Now the pressure is on like I cannot post ratchet pics anymore because ain't no way I'm embarassing myself in front of my idol.

Overall Influence Asia 2017 was a great experience for me. It reminded me that Influencers aren't just famous people, they're content creators that want to influence people's lives in a positive way. I'm definitely inspired by all of them to work harder on the content I put out and to constantly improve myself.

To end this post, here's a song that perfectly sums up how I feel about my future blogging career. One day I hope to stand among the influencers I look up to!

As always, thanks for reading! See y'all in the next post ݄💕

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