Urcosme.my First Impressions

April 30, 2017

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about my first impressions of Urcosme.my!

I recently got two products from Urcosme, which were the Hello Farmer True Water Light Gel Cream and the Thank You Farmer Skincare Brush. I've really do love them and I've been using them so much recently that I decided to make a video all about my morning skincare routine!

In the video I explain what my usual morning routine is and show you guys my current fave morning products. Do subscribe and like the video if you find it helpful/interesting!

The moisturizer comes in a very light gel form and I like how hydrating it is without making the skin feel heavy or tacky. Its perfect for my oily skin!

As for Urcosme, they actually promise 5 things:

1. Free delivery over RM80
2. Shipping within 48 hours
3. 100% authentic products
4. Worldwide delivery
5. 15-day hassle free return

My order came on the second day after ordering it, which was well within their 48-hour shipping time frame so I was very happy! I know shipping can be such a hassle, and when it concerns stuff you bought and paid for, you always want it to come as soon as possible. My parcel definitely came super fast and safe!

The box had lots of bubblewrap and everything was nicely packed. To my surprise, the package also included some Thank You Farmer samples!

If you'd like to try any of the many Thank You Farmer products available on Urcosme, you can use my code 💰 EROSTYF10 💰 to get a RM10.00 discount on Thank You Farmer Products! (Minimum purchase of RM30 on Thank You Farmer products is required, and it can be used on sale items 💕). The code will be valid until 31st August 2017, so don't miss it 💕

And that was it for this quick post! I actually focused more on the video that I made, so if you could give me some feedback + some support on it, it would really be appreciated!

As always, thanks for reading and see y'all soon 💕

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  1. I'm so glad that you're doing so well..Your shipping speed and worldwide delivery is totally hyping me.Thank you very much for sharing it with us


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