Caffe Bene Mangotella Menu Review

April 18, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing all about Caffe Bene's latest seasonal menu: the Mangotella Menu!

I was so so so excited to try this menu out because:

1. I love chocolate

2. I'm Filipino and my blood is 50% bbq pork and 50% mango

If you don't already know, Caffe Bene is a chain of Korean cafes famous for their coffee, their gelato, and their bingsu. I dropped by the Caffe Bene in Terminal Pahlawan beside Hatten Hotel in Melaka while I was back for the weekend, and it was there that I got to try out their fantabulous new menu.

I couldn't possibly finish the entire menu by myself, so I brought along my sister Yana and my brother Enzo. If you don't already know, I have 4 siblings and Yana is #3 + Enzo is #4. The brother that you guys see me bring to events sometimes and helps me take pictures is Euri (#2). I'm #1, obvi 😂 *Scream Queens reference*

The new seasonal Mangotella menu has 4 items: 2 new bingsus, 1 new waffle and 1 new smoothie! They're also introducing two new gelato flavours.

I love love love bingsu , I love magoes and I love chocolate, so I'm just gonna put a disclaimer out there that before I even tasted anything I was already sure that I was gonna love everything 😂 sure enough, I did, and although there's no more mystery, do keep on reading to find out my thoughts on each of the items on the menu and which ones I recommend the most 👌

Food porn time!

Mango Yogurt Bingsu | RM29.90
Mangotella Bingsu | RM29.90

From my memory, I think Caffe Bene serves two sizes of bingsus. The new Mango + Mangotella bingus are only available in one size (which are the big ones).

The Mango Yogurt Bingsu was sweet and icy, and I think it would be the perfect afternoon snack on a super hot day (which is every damn day here in Malaysia). The mangoes were SO SWEET, and as a Filipino I have high standards for mangoes okay. No offense, but Filipino mangoes are superior. Mango politics aside, the mango slices in the bingsu were sweet and juicy, and they complimented the Yogurt gelato very well.

As you can see, there were a few nut flakes (which I'm going to assume are almonds) and it was literally so good 😭 If only I could give you guys a taste through the screen!

The huge bowl is probably enough for two to share, but if you're a big eater and you've been through a rough day, treat yo'self and get this humongous bowl of bingsu goodness.

The other bingsu was the main star of the menu since it had both mango and Nutella in it. The gelato is Nutella flavoured and it contains mixed nuts and cookie crumbles as well.

It also has hella big juicy mangoes and they were quite good with the Nutella gelato and the Nutella sauce. Who knew mango and chocolate would work well with each other?

Although it says Mangotella, the flavour is mostly chocolate and the only mango taste I got was from the slices. It was still very good though!

They were both so big and so yummy! I personally preferred the mango yogurt one while Yana and Enzo said they preferred the Mangotella one~

Mangotella Waffle | RM17.90

This is a warm Belgian waffle topped with sweet mango chunks, almond slices, and Yogurt Gelato. Although that already sounds awesome, you can still elevate it to the next level by adding Nutella sauce!

I also love waffles as most cafes serve them, but most times, the waffles from other cafes turn soggy very fast. What I like about Caffe Bene's waffle is that even though I took a million years to take photos, it didn't turn soggy at all! 

Again, the mangoes went well with the gelato and the Nutella sauce, and I think this is a more modest dessert option. I'd recommend trying this out if you're craving for some dessert after your dinner.

Mangotella Smoothie | RM11.90

Last but not least is the smoothie! The mango smoothie is above and the Nutella smoothie is below. If you sip straight from the straw without mixing it, you can taste either of the flavours. The magic however, happens once you mix them together! It wasn't weird at all at was very sweet and refreshing.

For RM11.90, I actually think its fairly priced. You get a REAL mango smoothie (not powder) with real Nutella, and the cup size isn't bad as well!

I'd definitely recommend this for when you want something on the go or want something cool and nice to wash down your lunch. How I wish there was a Caffe Bene near my office building!

Overall I had a nice and cool afternoon with my siblings in Caffe Bene. The interior of the cafe was pretty cozy (and Instagrammable too haha). The three of us barely managed to finish the humongous bingsus by the way! I think buying 2 binsgus will be enough even for 4-6 people. You can definitely come with your classmates after class or with your friends during the weekend for some quality bonding time over binsgus.

And I think that was it for my short review of Caffe Bene's Mangotella menu! Caffe Bene has a ton of branches all over Malaysia (and Asia), so do drop by any one of them to try this out. I highly recommend them!

 As always, thanks so much for reading. See y'all in the next post!


  1. Hi Eros! Thank you for such an awesome writeup for Caffe Bene Mangotella series :)

    1. Hi Miriam, no problem! I really loved everything 😍 looking forward to more awesome menus! 💕


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