Elizavecca Milky Piggy Hell Pore Clean Up Mask Review

April 4, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to another post! Today I'll be reviewing Elizavecca's Milky Piggy Hell Pore Clean Up Mask!

I first found out about this product through Althea's Instagram where Althea's Duckling + Mermaid + Pixie tried it out.
This product was supposedly dubbed by Youtubers as the "most painful mask" ever.

Peel of masks like these tend to be popular on Instagram and Youtube, but I never really had any luck with them. I have very oily skin and I do have blackheads and whiteheads, however they're not that visible/humongous. I've used a couple of strips and peeling masks and I always end up with nothing.

The Infamous Hell Pore Mask

Since this product is dubbed at the "most painful mask" ever, I thought "this should be able to yank out at least SOMETHING out of my pores right?

I decided to put it to the test and tried it out with my brother Euri!

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BTW: Sorry for the quality of the pictures below, most of them are screenshots from the video 😂

This mask is gray in colour and has a very goopy runny consistency. It has a bit of a plastic smell to it as well.

Reading the description on the carton, it says that this product is the perfcet product to clean pores and remove impurities, and you're supposed peel it off after letting it dry for 15 minutes.

Interestingly, the mask applied on quite thinly at first. You have to work fast in applying it because it starts solidifying once its out of the tube.

After about 15 minutes it'll dry down to a very thin layer than clings very tightly to your skin. As you can see below, it's really tugging around my mouth area and my cheeks have turned completely plastic.

Peeling it off was quite fun to be honest. I might have been exaggerating a bit in the video above haha. It quite tolerable if you go slowly. As someone who extracts pimples and plucks my brows/stubble, it was okok~

At first I thought it didn't yank anything out, but a closer inspection showed that it actually did! There were lots of small powdery things on the inside part of the mask, as well as bigger blackheads.

I was super happy with the results because these small impurities are so hard to remove! I usually exctract big blackheads out of my nose/face with the help of an extractor, but I can't remove the super small ones. This one managed to do that for me!

It also really removed all the sebum off my face. I avoided my sensitive undereye area for safety reasons and you can clearly see the difference!

Euri gave the pain the same rating, around a 1 out of 5.

One tip we learned is to not apply this near your facial hair, especially your brows! Euri's brows actually ended up being plucked off 😂

Overall I love this product! It definitely extracted impurities (although there were a few whiteheads on my nose still), removed sebum (I was super matte) and made it super soft! Overall I would highly recommend this product (click here to check it out!)! It only costs RM38/USD8.25 on Althea for a full sized 100ml bottle, which I estimate can be used for around 10 times. Definitely a great deal! (If you're living in Malaysia, click here to get RM35 off your first purchase on Althea.kr!)

And that's it for this post 💕 As always, thanks for reading, see y'all in the next post!

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