Etude House Wonder Pore Deep Foaming Cleanser Review

August 1, 2015

In this post I will be reviewing Etude House's Wonder Pore Deep Foaming Cleanser!

So a few weeks back I bought some stuff from Etude House and one of them was this cleanser! It was on display and the salesgirl recommended it, so I decided to get it! Without further ado, on with the review!

Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money and was not paid to make this post.


One of Etude House's more popular lines is their Wonder Pore line. They're claimed to be the ultra pore solution.

I would say that the Wonder Pore Freshener is the most popular due to its unique brush head. (Plus it appeared in To The Beautiful You when Minho was washing Sulli's face for her).

I didn't purchase the Freshener but when I was in Etude House, the sales girl introduced me to their Deep Foaming Cleanser. She said that it would be good for my (oily) skin type because it has anti sebum properties.

On the back of the bottle it says that this cleanser deep cleanses pores and its impurities with blue beads that effectively remove accumulated sebum on skin. It boast 10 benefits:

1. Deep cleanse pores
2. Minimize appearance of pores
3. Control a large amount of sebum
4. Moisturize the inside and outside of skin
5. Complete smooth glass-like texture
6. Balance skin's ideal pH level
7. Refine skin tone
8. Keep the elasticity of pores
9. Remove skin surface's dead skin cells
10. Cleanse pore insides with cooling effect

Notice how from the picture of the Wonder Pore line above they all say 7-in-1 but this bottle says 10-in-1? I think Etude came up with an improved version of this line recently because I couldn't find any 10-in-1 reviews. Kinda makes sense too because this line was on display (but I didn't really take a look at the other products).

The salesgirl said that this cleanser leans more to a scrub because it has beads. It contains Mint which has cooling properties.


I bought this in the Etude House in Gurney Plaza during their Mega Sale. It cost RM67 for 170ml (But the promotion was buy 1 free one so to speak I actually got this at half price). Its pretty expensive compared to other tube products (such as their wash off masks and The Face Shop's Herb Day washes) and weirdly enough, I checked their official website and it says it costs USD9, which is RM34!


The packaging is quite cute and I find the light blue packaging to be refreshing. 

I like that at the back it says "I'm the Wonder Woman for your Pores, More Powerful!" XD #engrish Again, no one beats Etude in packaging!

Brand new tubes are sealed as well.


As I mentioned, this product contains mint and mint is good for preventing pimples from popping and soothing irritated skin because it contains a high content of salicyclic acid. At the back it also says that it includes Anti Pore-Dex Complex II.


The texture is like any foaming cleanser and its white in colour. It also has blue beads that help exfoliate the skin.

As for the scent, it smells very minty. If you've ever gone on a normal cleansing facial (well, at least here in Malaysia), they usually finish by applying a thick mint mask to calm the skin. It smells exactly like that mask! 



As with any foaming cleanser, apply an appropriate amount on your palm and make a lather before applying it to your face. I try to move in circular motions to get rid of more dirt.

The salesgirl said that since this is a scrub, it should be used once a week to exfoliate otherwise it will hurt the skin. When I first started using it though, I found that the product had little to no beads. I feel that this cleanser can be used more often than just once a week.

I checked Etude House's official website on how to use it and it says there "daily" so....


I've been using this cleanser daily for a week and I have to say I love it! The especially love the scent and the slightly minty feeling after using it!

As for the product's promised results:

1. Deep cleanse pores
I feel that since this product doesn't have that many beads, it doesn't do that good of a job in exfoliating. It doesn't remove blackheads that well so I find myself using another clay scrub to exfoliate.

2. Minimize appearance of pores
To start with, my pores aren't that big. The only times I see my pores are when I wash my face with warm water or steam my face. At these times my pores open big enough for me to be able to see them. I can't really comment on this, sorry~

3. Control a large amount of sebum
This product has decent sebum controlling properties. On days when I'm just at home I don't get any excess oil and it manages to get rid of oil that has accumulated during a long day as well.

4. Moisturize the inside and outside of skin
It doesn't dry out my skin and I feel like my skin does feel slightly plump after washing.

5. Complete smooth glass-like texture
I said that this product doesn't get rid of blackheads that well but it does exfoliate the skin a bit, leaving it nice and smooth.

6. Balance skin's ideal pH level
I don't have a skin pH level indicator sooooo...

7. Refine skin tone
With only a week of using this I haven't seen any dramatic effects. I believe that by refine it means to have a more even skin tone. If I ever see any results in the future, I shall update this post!

8. Keep the elasticity of pores
How am I supposed to know how flexible my pores are lol.

9. Remove skin surface's dead skin cells
Not as well as a standalone scrub.

10. Cleanse pore insides with cooling effect
It leaves the skin clean and with a slight cooling effect which I like ^^


This is a decent cleanser that does its main purpose: to clean. It gets rid of oil and sebum well while leaving a minty scent and a cooling effect on the skin. As for the pore part I don't really see anything special with my pores after using this product. As for the beads I think that there are too little to do a proper exfoliation. Aside from those cons, the pros of this product also made me fall in love with it, such as its pleasant smell, its big tube and the clean sensation that it leaves after cleansing.


Although I like the feeling after using this and the scent, I don't think I'll repurchase this anytime soon. The results are only okay okay and I wouldn't mind continuing on using this but the price is a bit on the expensive side. I might get it waaaaaay in the future if ever I need a cleanser and Etude House has a sale or if I can find it anywhere for a cheaper price.

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Thanks for reading!

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  1. Nice review :) I purchased it at ibuybeauti, it will arrive soon, hopefully it will help me and my big pores haha.


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