August 21, 2015

Hello to all my readers! My new semester just started, so in this post I'll be writing about what I did during the past few weeks! (Please forgive if this post has more photos than words ><) To start off, here's a photo of me and my siblings!


Before my semester break started I had my finals and it was not pretty. Like, at all. I was struggling with slides, notes and last minute projects and assignments that needed to be passed up. On the night before my first paper I slept at frickin 6am. And my paper was at 9 AM. LIKE WTFFF.

Somehow my friends and I ended up going to Nagore Square to study. Although I did manage to read, it wasn't really the best atmosphere to study, but I'll be coming back soon because the atmosphere there was quite nice~

A chocolate parlor called Salon du Chocolat recently opened in Gurney Paragon and Fufy and I decided to try the place out before I went back to Ipoh for my sem break. The chocolate was heavenlyyyyyy like no shiz, I wanna eat dessert there every night T.T

Overall my exams didn't go as well as I would have wanted them. I guess I've been too distracted because when I got my results weeks later I felt so disappointed with myself...

And on the way to Ipoh my bus broke down for one hour. I was so scared because my data expired, my phone had no credit and
my modem and powerbank were both dead! Luckily enough nothing bad happened~

As you may or may not know, my family is moving to Melaka and we plan to move into our house their by the end of October. Living in Ipoh is great and after living there for 10 years, I'm proud and happy to call it my hometown. I've had a lot of great memories there! The move is mainly because of my dad's job, kinda like when my family first moved here to Malaysia for the same reason. I feel like this is going to be another great adventure for us ^^

While packing stuff my mom found our old photo albums! Look at my parents like hooooooooomagash

And above is an old photo of my dad and the three of us! ^^

My dad decided to buy a DSLR so we sold our old Nikon SLR. Took a few photos before we sold it tho. Don't judge my face pls, I still feel awkward when I'm not the one behind the camera :(

One great thing about this sem break compared to the rest is that almost all of TRF was present! ^^ On our first few meetups there were only 4 of us. Xzeyan came back from Taiwan and Naomi came back from China! We took shiz tons of selcas on Yan's phone like, I cannot! XD

We met up at Caryn's place, hung out a bit, went for laksa, cendol and ice cream and played mahjong. I feel like mahjong has now become a staple feature of our meetups hahaha.

Next we went to Petit Mary's Patisserie for dessert!

Don't I look so nice with this backlight #nofilter. The 6 of us (Tzeshi and Kaiyan included) decided to plan a trip to Penang since there were so many of us in Ipoh ^^ Before that though, my mom, siblings and I decided to go to Damansara and Melaka and explore it a bit one weekend. my whole image of Melaka was that it had one mall and was mostly kampung/village area. Although the area was a bit village-y, it was actually similar to Ipoh and had more malls! I bought stuff waaaay out of my budget T.T

I decided to use this opportunity to use my Clinique samples as well instead of bringing my full sized products. Found that it was just meh~

My siblings and I had fun at the hotel with the new DSLR hahaha. Unfortunately the photo resolution is too big for my measly internet here in Penang to upload, so I'll be posting one photo and the photos from my brother's phone instead #struggles

On an early Thursday morning, all of us met up at Caryn's house for breakfast and took of for Penang! We traveled via Caryn's Estima and came back to Ipoh the next day via bus. While I was going through all of our selfies I thought "ehhhh why are there too little", and when I was collaging them I was like "wtf when is it going to endddd" XD I ended up not including a few~

We mostly just ate the whole two days away~ we had hawker stuff, visited the beach, bought tau sar peah, all those typical touristy stuff I guess.

Also got to try out Brown Pocket!

Isn't this a nice photo? ^^

All of us bought shirts from Uniqlo and decided to wear them the day after ^^ kinda felt sad for Sammi cuz she couldn't come with us...

I was glad that 6 of us managed to meet up. Its so hard to have everyone present, especially when we're all studying in different places. Ipoh is kind of our central meeting place and it gonna be even more difficult to meet up when I move to Melaka T.T

On a random note, one day I saw my lenses lying around so I decided to take a couple photos with them XD


Back in Ipoh the eating did not stop! We met and had a late dinner once, and another occasion we had lok lok before going to Lost World's hot springs.

We also went to Kampar for lunch and ice cream and Patisserie for tea!


After that it was back to college. It was nice while it lasted. This sem, I feel motivated to raise my CGPA and to focus more on my studies. Having fun is nice but priorities!

As soon as I got back, I had Salun du Chocolate again with Bella while we caught up. Idk why I didn't take selfies T.T


Fufy started the sem with good food for lunch and I'm thankful that she likes sharing her food ^^ sometimes I feel like I should stop eating her food since it IS her food, but its too good to stop hahaha XD

Fufy if you're reading this, thanks for sharing your awesome food! (Pls make more hahahaha)


(In case it wasn't obvious, the cat is Fufy and the rabbit it me XD)

Since most of my stuff in Ipoh are already packed, I decided to bring my DIY shelf to Penang! And now my skincare stuff are all organized ^^ It kinda looks like a shop tho hahaha.

Classes have been fine so far since its only the first week. This semester I have Organizational Communication, Consumer Behaviour, Photo Communication, Film Studies, Bahasa Malaysia and Oral Communication T.T A lot of subjects, but I shall do my best! I'm especially looking forward to Photo Comm ^^

Here's some selfies of me in Fufy's glasses (don't I look so smart XD)

And that wraps up my catch up/diary blog post! Now you're up to date on what's been happening in my life! ^^ I have several post like a post about the stuff I recently bought, how to survive on RM50 for 2 weeks and a few reviews. If you're interested in reading them, please stay tuned!


As always, thanks for reading!

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