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August 13, 2015

My semester break is coming to a close and in exactly 3 days and 3 hours, I'll be starting my 4th semester! I'll be posting about what I've been up to during these few weeks and the stuff I've bought. I'll also be posting a few reviews in the weeks to come so do look forward to that! To start off, why not a diary post? But first thing's first, a heavily filtered and minimally edited photo of me in gray lenses XD (minimally edited because I just filtered the shiz out of this picture and got rid of my scars but I actually didn't edit/make my face slimmer or my eyes bigger hahaha)

I have days when I feel like wearing lenses even though I'm just rotting at home, lol.

So I just got my semester results yesterday and ever since then all I could think of was "...WHYYYYY". 

Out of 6 subjects I only got one A and the rest were Bs, one B+ and one C+. I already had one C, which makes me have a grand total of 2 Cs! My current CGPA is now down to 3.35! FROM 3.56!!!


The admin of our Mass Communication department also posted up list of the students currently in the Dean's List. From what I could see, students who got CGPAs of 3.8 and above were included. Among them was a senior named Steven, a classmate named Melissa and junior whom I've seen around and looks like a 4.0-er.

Curious, I calculated how much I had to score in my future subjects to get a 3.8. As soon as I finished calculating I wanted to cry! If I scored As for all of my subjects until I graduated, the maximum I would be able to achieve would be 3.75! Not even on the Dean's List! T.T


Oh well, I guess that's what I get for buying so many things and focusing on irrelevant things. Although I know that it'll be hella hard to achieve that 3.75, I believe that its not impossible! Priorities! I. MUST. GET. THEM. STRAIGHT. I shall aim for it and I refuse to get a CGPA lower than what I have now!


I feel really disappointed because although I'm not that close with my dad, I do kinda wanna *maybe just a bit* make him proud of my results. If you don't already know, he has very high standards and even when I got 4As for my O-levels and got to be on the newspaper, he still went around telling his friends that I "could have done better". I wanted to throw a brick at him lol. One of those 4As was an A star leh! Sei high standard-lou, he showed me his university results a few years back and there were a few zeroes/ungraded subjects there so ahemmmmm.


Anyways, its not just for him but for myself as well! Being on the Dean's List shall look great on my resume and I know myself that I'm a smart guy, albeit very lazy. As I said: PRIORITIES!

That's all for this diary/rant post. Sincerest congratulations to Melissa and everyone on that Dean's List that I'll never be on T.T


Thanks for reading!

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