T.A.O / Z.TAO Mini Album [Reveiw/DL]

August 22, 2015

Its been a while since I had a music related post huh? Well in this post, I'll be sharing with you my thoughts on Tao (or Z.TAO)'s new songs!

That purple hair tho!


The autotune intro kinda made me think that the song wasn't going to be that good. To be honest, Tao was known in EXO for his rapping but he did have a few vocal parts which were pretty nice. A few days back I came across this audio of him singing Jay Chou's Tornado and HOMAGASH THE FEELS. What's more is that it was live! When EXO first started out I read this article saying that he actually trained for vocals but ended up getting assigned with rap parts (cuz he got in through that).

Anyway, the melody of the song was really pretty and from the first line I dieddddd! His voice is sho pwetty! The high parts were really pretty and I was quite shocked because I didn't expect this much of ballad and only a bit of rapping. I've never heard him singing so sweetly and calmly hahaha. His range seemed better than what I expected. The song was very poppy, ballad-y and sweet, and the vocal parts were very JJ Lin/Jay Chou-ish ^^ I WAS SQUEALING SHO HARD. And the lyrics we so sweet I cannot T.T

One heart

The piano intro got me like "homg another ballad??". By this point I was smiling to myself hahaha. The chorus had a part that went "As long as you stay with me" and I found niceeee. I was singing along, screaming 'zai ni shen biaaaaaan!'. His voice I cannot!


I actually watched the MV for this a few weeks ago and my first thought of the video was that it was a bit low quality compared to typical kpop videos. I guess that mindset distracted me from the music. When I listened to it again it wasn't really that bad~ I found myself singing along to "wait a minute, hold up!" This song was more of what I expected all the songs to be~


This song sounded very fun and light. The rapping didn't sound cheesy! The vocal part before the chorus, I actually imagined what it would be like if Luhan was singing it, and it somehow evolved from that to Tao, Luhan and Kris! If anyone from Tao's production is reading this, please make it happen! I found the break quite random, although he used the same "I don't know what to say no more" Kris used in his and D.O's cover of Guilty~

Lyrics wise, the song is very sweet. Also found out that the lyrics were written by him ^^ I feel like songs about moms will always be touching, but idk if I'll ever be able to tell stuff like this to my mum although we're close hahaha.

皇冠 (Imperial Crown)

This song was a bit reminiscent of Henry/SHINee to me for some unknown reason. Although it was okay, I felt that this song was a bit weak. I kept on waiting for a beat drop! Some Diplo or Zedd hahahaha. This could have been a very party-ish song for days when I feel high/happy but the song never climaxed in my opinion :(

Cinderella Girl

This song was trippy and the beat kinda reminded me of GOT7's Before The Full Moon Rises. This song had a lot of "My Girl"s and at some point it seemed very typical K-pop. Then again, how do you differentiate K-pop from Mandopop, especially when its someone like Tao. The vocal parts in this song made me realize that Tao really does have a lot of roles that he can play, not just rapping. At this point I thought, if nothing happened between all of EXO's members then I guess a solo might be very hard and this perfection wouldn't be able to reach our ears hahaha. The auto tune at the end threw me off a bit but the beat at the end got me swaying again ^^

Feel Awake

The intro! Its very fantasy-ish to me, a very happy, upbeat an poppy song. The English intro gets repeater throughout the song and I found that nice cos aside from the "woah oh oh" parts I had something that I could immediately shout out during the first few listens ^^ The beat is strong but in a happy way I guess? Overall this song made me think of travelling and those videos where they travel and smile the whole time *eg. Bigbang's We Like To Party*


Guitar had me swooning! I actually understood the first few lines and to me they were bitterrsweet...are the lyrics supposed to be about himself now? I saw an article where he said he was alone in the 4 years that he was with EXO and although I think that that was a bit too dramatic...idk T.T

The part before the rap verses are shooo prettyyyyyy! His rap here was quite good too! The chorus was bittersweet and made me think of cafes and emoing alone, although at the end it made me smile ^^ There was one line where he said remember to smile for yourself. I could kinda relate to this song because it IS okay to be alone sometimes, perfectly content in your own company.

Its very hard to choose a fave but at the moment I guess I would say its Yesterday, Feel Awake and Alone!

I don't know if Tao will release more songs cuz all of the songs above weren't released together. I Wikipedia-d him and it says that these songs actually come under 2 albums, T.A.O and Z.TAO, with four songs each.

If you want to download the songs, click here!

Thanks for reading!

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