Kris Wu Yi Fan - L'Officiel Hommes August HD (with OurStreetStyle update)

July 30, 2015

Kris was recently featured for L'Officiel Hommes China and the photos are sooooooo nice I just had to make a post about them!

So first off, on the cover he's wearing a hologram jacket with matching hologram pants. To be honest, I've seen people wear hologram stuff and I always wanted one. Hologram pieces are just so...shiny hahaha. There's this pair of shoes in H&M but they're for ladies. My eternal quest for nice clothes that aren't just for women continues T.T 

I've also been looking for a nice jacket and although Kris' jacket is nice, I would prefer to have a basic denim jacket.

This shot below is life! The angle and ze face...homagash my fanboy heart! His jacket looks very adidas/nike-ish, like those poly material jackets athletes/fashionistas usually wear.

This piece I wouldn't mind having hahaha.

This pic features an almost similar jacket but i looks thicker. The picture DO YOU SEE THE SMOKE AND THE LIGHT I CANNOT 

Whoever shot this editorial knows his stuff *o*

The next two shots feature a long coat. Idk why but I thought it looked Givenchy/Versace-ish because of the gold detail in the print. (Don't hate me if I'm wrong, I'm still new to this fashion thing)

His boots look so nice! Kinda like Dr. Martens had a baby with Nike

The next shot features another silver jacket and I was kinda reminded of a mountain climbing jacket (like Kim Soohyun's Beanpole advertisement).

And last but least, I feel, is Kris' signature casual-but-high-fashion-looks-basic-but-too-expensive-fo-yo-broke-ass look! XD

I wonder of the adidas shoes he's wearing here is part of the line he's advertising for adidas.

So that's that, I just needed to put these glorious photos up here. Kris also had new photos released on OurStreetStyle!

Thanks for reading!

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