July 4, 2015

Hello my readers! It has been such a long time since I last made a life update post. You know when you don't do something and it just keeps piling up? Well that kinda happened to me so instead of tackling all that I'll be posting about my busy week that's finally come to an end.

So let's start with Tuesday last week. My class had an event, a Radio Show to be exact. I left all my black stuff in Ipoh and I had to buy a shirt. I was actually just going to wear gray but H&M had a sale and there was one being sold at RM20 so I thought why not?
I was in charge of social media so I had to run around and post stuff. Overall the event itself went smoother than I thought it would go, although I did wish that it was much more visually pleasing -,- 

Ignore the oilyness, I was tired and dying k. But do you see that my acne scars aren't that visible anymore? ^^

On Saturday I was with Fufy in H&M and I came across this thick red sweater that was on 50% off and I just had to buy it. Gurney Paragon is evil, having so much sales now that I'm *kinda* broke -,-

Bella and I had a day out on Sunday and it was quite enjoyable *we should do that more often*. We started off with a chocolate pizza at Chocolate Passion *which was actually just meh*. Bella said that Salon du Chocolate is waaaay better and since she's excited that an outlet is opening in Paragon, I have high expectations for it hahahaha

Next we had sushi at Sushi King, followed by a movie! We watched Minions and the movie was actually quite cute.

On Monday hell started. We had to make our magazine report and present about it in class, and let's just say that we didn't get that much sleep the night before /.\

Tuesday was an off day but on Wednesday we had to present about our research proposal and come up with 40 pages. I was so glad that after presenting our lecturer decided to extend the deadline to Friday.

Btw did I mention that Fufy got a new phone and omg it legit makes you look flawlesssssss. *ignore my yellowness*

Wednesday evening Kevin, Bella, Fufy and I had Korean food at K-pot and it was actually quite good! I had their Bulgogi rice and homagash it was nice!


On Thursday we had an MPU class but I was basically just finishing up everything lol. THE STRESSSSSS

On Friday I was so glad to finally pass everything up. On top of the magazine and 40 page research report, I also had to finish up my group's Holistics Final Report, write a reflective report on the radio show we had and print out the actual magazine that we were passing up. It turned out quite chic if I may say so myself. I edited a Kiehl's ad for our magazine and also used a photo from our event photoshoot! :D

Friday was also Fufy's birthday / #FUFYDAY so she slept over and all of us celebrated her birthday with her! We're usually business partners/fool around a lot and I kinda served as her secretary on that day.

We had a quick lunch at Gurney Plaza after janding in our assignments and headed for karaoke at Redbox afterwards. Chummy/Marissa also joined us and she was fun to have around ^^ she got Fufy this head massage thing that looks like a whisk and it felt shoooo weird hahaha. I've seen it a few times on variety shows but they didn't exaggerate at all because it the feeling IS hella geli!

Midway through Filip also joined and let's just say I did a lot of wall-flying XD

After karaoke we headed for dinner at about 9 at Harvest Times Cafe. The food, pricing and atmosphere of the whole was very nice. I had their Carbonara and compared to our usual pasta place in Prangin this one was almost on par I would say.

We headed to Straits Quay to chill after that and we got home at about 12.30. Fufy died straight away but I wanted to do a mud mask before I slept. I slept at 3am and woke up late for my 8.30 bus to Ipoh -,- I had to buy another ticket for 10am but I regret nothing because there were a few hot Koreans on board as well XD #stalkermodeon

So that's all for this short life update post! I shall be trimming my hair this week and I'm still wondering if I should go blonde or not. To blonde or not to blonde???

PS. SNSD comeback soon homagash

Thanks for reading!

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