Kim's Dakgalbi

July 5, 2015

Hello everybody! Today's post will be a short review on Kim's Dakgalbi!

I'm currently having a short break and am back in Ipoh. After sending my dad off at the bus terminal, my mum, sis and I decided to have dinner at Kim's Dakgalbi! I've tried it before with Caryn and I really wanted my mum to try it as well.

Kim's Dakgalbi is Ipoh's first dakgalbi restaurant and it is run by a Korean couple (you'll see their daughter helping around as well). It is located in Jalan Medan Ipoh and is located beside the Bali Assam House (which is great as well). They're open from 12pm to 3pm and 5.30pm to 10.30pm daily except Mondays.

18, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1E,

Medan Ipoh Bistari,
31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Unlike other Korean restaurants, dakgalbi restaurants usually focus on the main dish itself, although other Korean dishes are available as well. You can choose from chicken, pork and seafood and after selecting that you can either choose to have it spicy or normal.

A minimum of two portions must be made so we ordered one portion of chicken and pork. We also added on ramen! This is how two portions look like:

The mix includes the meat, some cabbage, sweet potatoes, ddeok (rice cakes) and the chili paste. The portion looks small here but for 3 people it was actually quite filling!

Something that most authentic Korean restaurants will always have is banchan (sidedishes)! At Kim's Dakgalbi they offer free flow of their kimchi, eggs, cucumbers and some veggies if you want to wrap your dakgalbi in it. Free flow for cold water is also available so we didn't really order any drinks~

Something fun about dakgalbi is that they will make it in front of you! ^^ So first they put the mix into the pan:

And after the mix has heated up they kind of cut the cabbages and mix everything:

Followed by adding any add-ons you've choses. In our case it was the ramen.

And jjan! You have your delicious dakgalbi!

It tastes very savoury and yummy and ughhhh it cannot be explained! It's still a bit spicy even though we ordered it in normal but it wasn't dangerous spicy or anything like that. The taste is very enjoyable and the way the meat mixes with the sweet potatoes and the ddeok is just nice. Five out of five stars for me!


As for the price, we had chicken (RM20), pork (RM30) and added on ramen (RM60), so the total was RM56. Together with GST and service charge the bill came up to RM65 something. If you divide amongst the 4 people it's RM20 and in my opinion the amount that they give and the price is very worth it. If you and your friends can't decide where to eat, I strongly recommend Kim's Dakgalbi!

And with that note, this short review is done! I hope you found it informative and enjoyable ^^

Thanks for reading!

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