Etude House Sale / BROKE

July 21, 2015

This post tells the tragic story of how these two cute skincare products came to be of my possession *whoa that was a dramatic intro*

Every mall that I've been to these past few weeks have had sales for miles and its all because it's Raya season. I bet all them working people are having a blast spending all their hand earned cash. I actually got myself a sweater and a shirt from H&M and a thin denim top from Aeon, courtesy of my mum. We were supposed to go to KL last Saturday but due to some complications *yet again* we didn't get to go.

I'm currently back in Penang as I'm writing this and I'll be having my finals this coming Thursday and Friday. I was alone in the house this morning so I decided to go to Gurney to grab something to eat. I had a sandwich at Subway and bought a few stuff from Guardian as well.

Behold, dark skinned Eros! I edited away most of my blemishes like always but I decided to keep my skin dark this time. Hmm, dunno why tho, I just felt like it.

I passed by Etude House and saw that they were currently having a Buy 1 Free 1 promotion store wide, and I thought to myself "Why not treat myself to some sheet masks?". I got to talk with the salesgirl who recommended their Snail and CoenzymeQ10 masks. Since the girl was friendly I decided to take that opportunity to ask more about their products and what she would recommend for fading scars and oily skin. She had really nice skin and she was really pretty too. I think her name started with a C.


She introduced me to the their Wonder Pore Deep Foaming Cleanser and their AC Clinic Intense Red Spot Balm and before I knew it, I was already handing her the cash. On the was back home I was asking myself "Did I really just spend RM84 like whuuuuuuuuut". (I didn't get the masks but I got two more expensive things -,-)


After a while the reality of spending money out of budget hit me and I just...facepalmed. Legit facepalmed. My money has been a bit tight this few weeks and by buying these things I just put myself way behind my monthly goal T.T The only consolation that I have is that I have two new skincare products that I got for bargain and I hope that they work well. At least I'll have new things to review~

Etude House's packaging is so cute though, who can resist! T.T

Another thing is that this coming weekend marks the start of my sem break, and my friends and I were supposed to go to Taiping together. I guess that ain't happening anymore T.T I was expecting my mum to give me some extra money for the trip but nope, she ain't. And since I already spent my money...sigh.


I guess this is a lesson: I shouldn't be left alone with money during sales! I'm kinda scared for the future when I'm already working. I can just see myself buying everything in sight, crying the next day, eating noodles for the whole month and repeating the same thing the following month. And credit cards? I can just see myself being the next Rebecca Bloomwood.


This is Eros signing off, reminding everyone not to overspend!


Thanks for reading!


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