Naomi: Handphone Holiday Chapter 2

April 1, 2011

Naomi: Handphone Holiday
Written by: BaiMao

Chapter 2
(some characters in this chapter cannot be fully named because SOMEONE might get embarrassed. Yup, i'm talking about u blondemama)

(All): What happened?!
Naomi: He saw my pictures...
Caryn: What pictures?
Naomi: Of me singing and dancing Nobody...there's also a video...
Eros & Joelyn: Ooh...we should watch that...
Megan: He's soooooo....
[all stare at her]
Caryn: What?
Megan: I was going to say 'bian tai'
Caryn: Oh.
Sammi: What are you going to do about your date now?
Naomi: It is sooooo not a date.
Yoke Mun: Yes it is.
Caryn: Gossip time! (she starts sms-ing)
Naomi: NO!
Caryn: Oh. Right. Sorry. I already sent it...
Naomi: TO WHO!?
Caryn: ...all contacts...(blushing)
Naomi: OMG!!!
Sammi: She's fast...
Eros: She's such a gossip person...
Caryn: She's so beautiful...
Megan: Ooh...
Sammi: Do you want o borrow a dress??
Joelyn: Are you crazy? Do you want her to look fat?
Sammi: A bit...
Megan: Maybe you should wear a mini-skirt
Eros: She's to wide!
Naomi: HEY!
[Andy's phone buzzes] 
Andy: (sms) im gonna wear an light blue + pink shirt OK?
Caryn: Aha! Now y know what color your underwear should be!
Naomi: Stop it! I'm just going to wear a red shirt and jeans!
[Andy's phone buzzes]
Andy: (sms) on 2nd tot, mayb i'll wear a green shirt
Eros: OMG you'll look like a Christmas tree!
Sammi: Perfect!
[then B walks over]
Sammi: O...M...G...
Eros: Say "Hello"!
Caryn: Say "Olleh"!
[B stops in front of Sammi]
Sammi: Um...hi...
[B, still slurping his drink, waves]
Megan: How rude...
B: Do you want it? (hands the cup to Sammi)
Sammi: Umm...
Naomi: (whispering) let's leave her!
Caryn: NO! The gossip!
Eros: Come on!

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