a walk around my neighbourhood

April 19, 2011

when i got home today, i walked my dog, Max, so i took pics of my neighbourhood to show you guys! ^^ lets have a walk, shall we? (sorry for the low quality pics, i only had my phone which just has 2.0MP)

max peeing =3=''

sniff the grass!

this car is always here, it never moves!

neatly lined up trees =]

unedited ^^ a purple twilight

i've always been curious about this shrub O.O it looks like its on fire

its sad seeing a plant chopped off like this ='(

this house is so grand, with a lot of lions!! O.O must be Singaporean~


max is a bit impatient that i'm stopping here and there to snap photos ><

the new subdivision, UpLands

this is the swing from the nearby playground. i didn't go in though, coz there were a lot of ppl playing badminton in the court

another car~

overflowing bougainvillea flowers

can u spot the kite??

the kite agn!

home sweet home!
well, that's all~ =] hope all of you enjoyed the walk with me ^^

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