Naomi: Handphone Holiday Chapter 3

April 1, 2011

Naomi: Handphone Holiday
Written by: BaiMao

Chapter 3

(some characters in this chapter cannot be fully named because SOMEONE might get embarrassed. Yup, i'm talking about u blondemama)
Naomi is in a restaurant, waiting for Andy 

Naomi: (murmuring to herself) OK! I'm just going to give his phone back and make a run for it...
Andy: Too bad, i thought we could go on a date
Naomi: Oh! I didn't see you. Here. (hands Andy the phone)
Andy: Ok (gives her her phone) but can we at least eat something before you run away?
[the waitress arrives]
Andy: We'll take the couple's special please.
Waitress: Sure
[waitress goes away]
Naomi: We're not a couple!
Andy: (laughs) I ordered it 'cause its cheaper
Naomi: ...
Andy: So there's a movie and my friend gave me his tickets 'cause he couldn't make it. Want to watch it?
Naomi: (whispering) over my dead body...
Andy: What?
Naomi: No-nothing!
Andy: I'll take that as a yes then 

Naomi doesn't see Eros, Caryn, Sammi, Joelyn and Megan behind their table. Naomi and Andy take their food and head for the door.

Eros: O...M...G...
Caryn: Gossip!
Megan: So jealous!
Joelyn: They're so...
Caryn: ...sweet!
[All stare at her]
Sammi: I wonder what they're gonna watch
Joelyn: Let's spy on them!
Eros: We're doing that now!
Caryn: Shh! Their leaving!

All put on the hoods of their jackets as Naomi and Andy pass them, and the spies get up to follow them

Andy: So this is our first date
Naomi: It is so not a date!
Andy: Why isn't it? (and takes her hand)
Caryn: OMG!
(All): Shh!
Naomi: Umm...I'm not single...
Andy: And who's your boyfriend?
Naomi: Umm...
Andy: Don't pretend, its just for one day anyway =]
Naomi: ...what are we watching anyway?
Andy: "Valentines day"
Caryn:  OMG!
Sammi: Quick! Let's buy tickets!
[The spies hurry off to the cinema]
Naomi: Oh...
Andy: Just kidding. We're watching Wolf Man. I'll go by the popcorn.

Then, Andy and Naomi enter their theater while Eros, Caryn, Sammi, Joelyn and Megan enter THEIR theater

Security guard: Can I inspect your bag, miss?
Caryn: Sure
Security guard: Umm, video camera, digital camera, voice recorder, ... I think I need to arrest you miss.
Caryn: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! The gossip!!
Sammi: OMG

Inside the theater...

empty / joelyn / megan / eros / caryn (empty) / sammi / empty

Sammi: I'm in the middle of nowhere!
Eros: O...M...G...
Sammi: What?
Megan: O...
Eros: M...
Joelyn: G...
B: Hi!
[Sammi turns around]
B: Your friend gave me a ticket, can I watch the movie with you guys?
Eros: Sure!
Sammi: =3=

empty / joelyn / megan / eros / b / sammi / empty

Caryn: Whew!! That guard finally let me go!
Joelyn: What did you do?
Caryn: I gave him RM1000
(All except B): WHAAAAAAAATTTTT????!!!
Caryn: It was my dog's money for the month... and i had to buy another ticket...
caryn / joelyn / megan / eros / b / sammi / empty

JL: Mind if I sit here?
Eros: O...
Megan: M...
Joelyn: G...
Caryn: M...O...G...
Eros: My Oh God?
Caryn: Up...Shut...
Megan: =='' whatever

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