13.04.11 Class Party + Stayback

April 13, 2011

we had our class party today!! OMG i wanted to eat all the fries! but an oreo wouldn't let me =3= we had fun and after school, ah lee, ah mok, ah cheng, ah leng, ah mak, tze shi and i hung out in the canteen ^^ best day of april~ today was so fun!!!

i thought they were having a meeting abt smth...

...but they were actually playing the bottle

"na ni men de twisties!!!"

2 leng luis

devaki still gave us homework =3=

everyone is attracted to the back of the class!

WEH!! GELI!!! ah lee smacked a spider on the wall n zheng wei preserved it with cellophane tape!!

its says RM 1, but sm1 kindly wrote its real value ^^ (RM 1364.90)


pink lips ^^

zj's special diet drink

zj feels so tall O.O

perfect hair ^^ (++)

mak gor zi pai! he moved away just before the camera took a pic of his "wonderful" and "ke ai" de pose!

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