Naomi: Handphone Holiday Chapter 1

April 1, 2011

Naomi: Handphone Holiday
Written by: BaiMao

Chapter 1

In the classroom, 10 minutes before dismissal and the holidays...

Sammi: Wow! I can't believe that the school year is almost over!
Caryn: Yup, its soooooooooooooooo exciting!
Eros: Did you bring your phone, Naomi?
Naomi: Of course! We need to take pictures afterwards!
Joelyn: Alright!
Megan: (smses them from her class) I'll order pizza, ok?
(all reply): OK!

After dismissal, they head to the canteen. 

Megan: Hurry up! The pizza's here!
Eros: I'm sooooooo hungry!
Caryn: Me too!
Naomi: (spinning around) i want nobody, nobody but yo-
[she accidentally bumps into someone and their things are on the ground]
Person: Niama...
Joelyn: Oooooooh!
Sammi: (whispering) its Andy!
Andy: Watch where you're going!
Naomi: (blushing) O-okay...
[Andy goes awy]
Eros: He's so...
Caryn: ...leng zai!!!
[All stare at her]
Caryn: What?
Sammi: Never mind~ lets take a picture by the pizza! (looks at the pizza and her saliva drips)
Megan: Yeah!
Joelyn: Does this dress makee mee look fat?
Eros: A bit...
[All laugh]
Naomi: Okay...wait! This isn't my phone!
Sammi: OMG! I think that's Andy's!
Caryn: So cute...
Megan: We need to find him!
[They run around looking and sot Navin]
Joelyn: Navin! Did you see Andy?
Navin: No...I thought he was going to Singapore for the holidays?
Naomi: O...M...G...
[Then they see Au Yoke Mun]
Caryn: Did you see Andy?
Yoke Mun: Yup, he just went to the airport with his sister, why?
Naomi: WTF?
[Eros and Sammi explain to Yoke Mun]
Yoke Mun: O...M...G...
Joelyn: Why don't you try to call him?
[Naomi tries to send a message]
Naomi: expired...
[then Andy's phone rings]
Eros: OMG! 
Caryn: Is it him?
Naomi: ...
Sammi: Answer it!
Joelyn: Loud speaker!
Caryn: Gossip!
Yoke Mun: Quickly!
Megan: Ham yu!
Naomi: (answers the phone) Uh...hello?
Andy: Hi, i think you have my phone.
Naomi: I-it was an a-accident...
Andy: I'm already in the airport, so maybe youu can give it back to me when I get back.
Naomi: O-okay...
[ends call]
Caryn: That was the shortest call ever!
Yoke Mun: So he's not angry after all...
Eros: Wait!! He didn't tell you where you'll meet!
[phone vibrates, everyone looks at the message]
Naomi: He sent an sms...
Andy: (sms) Let's meet at Jusco on November 23, k? im picking up smth i 4got. PS. i saw ur pics n video. ^^ maybe ill post them on facebook
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO(breathes for 5 seconds)OOOO

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