Nihon Shoku MYTOWN Japanese Wagyu Buffet Review

April 12, 2021

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing my review of Nihon Shoku MYTOWN's all-day Japanese Wagyu Buffet.

Calling all wagyu lovers! My friend Anis recently came across this place online, so one day we decided to drop by and visit.

L3-36, Level 3, Jalan Cochrane Cheras, Seksyen 90 MyTown Shopping Centre, 55100 Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours:
Open daily, 10am–10pm

For reservations:
William +60102416960 / Bryan +60172414118

Located in MyTOWN,  Nihon Shoku's Japanese Wagyu Yakiniku Buffet is a 90 mins all-you-can-eat ala-carte buffet with delicious Japanese wagyu and a host of varieties of other side dishes.

We decided to drop by on a Sunday around 5pm, and the place was totally empty. If you're planning to drop by soon during the fasting month, I recommend making a reservation like we did or to come earlier to avoid the dinner crowd.

Here's the menu:

This buffet is cheaper if you come in a group, and you can only avail the price of RM118 if you come in a group of 6. Since there was only the 2 of us, it cost RM158 per pax.

For the Wagyu beef, they provide 3 types: Wagyu Bara (brisket), Wagyu Kalbi (ribs) and Wagyu Sotohira (bottom round).

You can also order unlimited side dishes and dessert, but since it's an ala-carte buffet, you do have to tell the servers everytime you want a refill and they will bring it to you.

Because the servers have to refill your dishes for you, we thought they would be stingy with the portions, but we were wrong! They refill the platter very frequently. As soon as they see that it's empty, they will immediately refill it (even if you don't ask them to). I really like their response time.

As for the quality of the beef, I would say it's really good! Did you know that the better the quality of wagyu, the less done it should be? Wagyu is fatty, so it's best to sear the surface to trap in all the umami/flavour of the fat.

It really takes a very short time to get it to medium rare, and it tastes super yummy and juicy. They did have some sauces you can dip into and provided veggies to eat it with as well.

As for the sides, we decided to try out most of the items in the menu. The premium seafood platter is supposed to have scallops, squids, prawns and oysters, but they did not have oysters on that day.

The fried whitebait was also unavailable, so we settled on the fried squid and some takoyaki:

The Gyusugi Curry/Stew Wagyu Beef Curry was really good, but instead of dipping the wagyu you cooked in it, I recommend eating the wagyu fresh and hot on its own and instead ordering the fried chicken skin to have with the curry.

Anis also ordered the wakame vegetable salad and the chicken gizard karage, and she said it was pretty good as well.

For sides they provided kimchi & pickled radish:

As for dessert, they provide a selection of 3 flavours: sesame, matcha and yuzu. Since it's at the end of the buffet, after you order the ice cream they will ask to close your bill. Once it's closed, you can no longer make any orders. I recommend finishing one round of ice cream before closing your bill so you know if you want to order anything else. Although we were full and sated, we actually wanted a bit more ice cream but could not order any more as the bill was already closed.

Plus, the ice cream does not taste cheap at all! I highly recommend taking advantage of this and having your fill, especially the sesame and matcha ones. The yuzu one is more of a sorbet and it actually contains real yuzu rinds in it.

Our bill came out to RM303.60, which is RM151.8 per pax. I definitely think it's worth it when I consider the quality of the beef, the service, the speed and the all-you-can-eat aspect. It's cheaper if you come in a group, and I definitely don't mind coming back again in the future. 

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative.

See y'all in my next post!

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