Mosaic, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur Buka Puasa Buffet 2021 Review

April 1, 2021

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur's 2021 Buka Puasa Buffet at Mosaic, one of the best all-day dining restaurants in KL.

If you guys follow me on Instagram or have kept up with my blog, you may have realized that for the past few years, I've always dropped by Mosaic at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur for their Christmas Buffet. I even blogged about it once here. I've visited multiple times and I've even tried a few of their themed buffets where they've invited chefs from all over the world to serve up culinary storms.

I really think they're the hotel with the best buffet spreads here in KL, and I've always left Mosaic feeling full, satisfied and happy.

This year, I was lucky enough to be invited to this year's Ramadan/Buka Puasa Buffet. So in today's post, I'll be sharing a preview of what you can expect when you visit Mandarin Oriental to break fast in this month of spiritual reflection.

First off, when I arrived I was greeted by a lovely musical performance, and I enjoyed their light music throughout my entire meal. It totally gave a festive vibe!

Here's some shots to give you guys an idea of what Mosaic looks like. There's ample seating space, and there's also private rooms available for booking. 

Here's an old pic of me in one of the private rooms, which is perfect for a group of 8-10:

I've pretty much sat at every section of this hall before except for the long table overlooking KLCC Park (lol), and although every seating area is comfy, if you're coming with the aim to take pics, I recommend booking the sofa area (for a group of 4-6) or the table near the window/painting for a group of 2-3. Best photo spots in my opinion!

However, if you'd like to stay at home this year but still enjoy a taste of Mandarin Oriental's delectable dishes, scroll down to the bottom of this post to read more about their delivery/takeout services.

Anyhoo, enough with the space and on with the food! Of course, all precautions have been taken and  Mosaic is following all SOPs. 

This year, diners are invited to go on a patriotic tour  of Malaysia with dishes from all 14 states:

What I found helpful and informative were the name tags with the state of origin! As a non-local, I enjoyed discovering where each dish originated from.

I started with rojak, and it was prepared fresh front of me with my fave fruits. It was so good that I ended up having two servings haha.

Pasembur is something that I discovered while I was studying in Penang, and it definitely brought back memories of college for me. Although it's displayed, the chefs actually prepare it for you and send it to your table. Although it's different from the usual buffet style of taking everything yourself, I found this better. The chefs prepare it the professional way and you kind of distance yourself with others too.

Beside the Pasembur was the Bubur Pulut Hitam (from Terrenganu) and Bubur Chacha (from Melaka). I loved the Bubur Chacha, and it's definitely one of my faves. There was also Bubur Kacang Durian from Perak for those Durian lovers out there, and I love how we're spoilt for choice with all the different varieties/versions of each state.

Next I moved on to some of the mains available:

Manuk Pengsuh (baked chicken in bamboo) is from Sarawak, while we also had an assortment of Sata Ikan, Otak Otak and Pepes Isi Ayam from Terengganu:

Here we have Kelantan's Nasi Ulam Diraja & Pahang's Ayam Golek Pekan:

I enjoyed the ayam golek, but I loved the sauce even more! It went well with most of the meat I had that day.

A must try is Penang's Kambing Golek, which is baked lamb leg with briyani rice. It was nice with the ayam golek sauce but it was amazing on its own as well.

Not sure if you guys can see but there's actually dried apricots! It made for an interesting combo that I've never tried before.

Of course we have assorted satay with peanut sauce and all the usual trimmings:

And for those looking for something wholesome to pair with rice, there's Negeri Sembilan's Telur Itik Masak Lemak (duck egg cooked in spicy yellow coconut broth), Kedah's Gulai Tulang Rawan (north style short rib curry) and Negeri Sembilan's Rendang Itik Minang (traditional duck rendang):

Of course, you can pair those with Lemang Pulut Susu or baked glutinous rice:

For those looking for kerabu/a little light, tangy spice, there's a corner I think you'll enjoy:

Kerabu Daging Kelapa Parut (Pahang), Kerabu Perut Air Asam (Perak), Kerabu Ulam Ulaman Berherba (Melaka)

Sambal Ijo (Negeri Sembilan), Spicy Oelek (Negeri Sembilan), Kerabu Mangga Muda Bunga Kantan (Kelantan): 

There was also a laksa statio where they make the laksa super fresh for you, but I missed out on taking pics. Sorry! Also, since this is just the preview, not all the dishes were out. Everything you see here is just 10% of the actual buffet spread that will be available to customers!

For drinks, there will be servers walking around asking you for your choice of beverage. This time round, Mosaic also has a nostalgic drinks stand in one corner where someone actually "tarik"s/pulls your the tarik for you to see.

You can also opt for a refreshing fresh coconut,

There are Malaysian desserts aplenty, and I'm sure it'll sate all your traditional dessert cravings.

There was Putu Bambu:

On the cooler side we have Ais Mangga, ABC and Cendol Durian:

I'm a durian boy, and there was definitely plenty of durian desserts for me to choose from. I highly recommend this one (which if I remember correctly was like chilled durian fruit mixed with some pastry):

As well as their delectable durian cheesecake. Fave!

On the other side we have a wide selection of kuehs:

And for those looking to end their meal on a light, fresh and tropical note, there's a wide variety of fresh fruits to enjoy:

I had an amazing time disovering the buffet, and I think the variety was really wide. The flavours were authentically Malaysian and I think a lot of people will feel nostalgic trying out some of the dishes.

Here are the prices and details for this year's buffet:

Mandarin Oriental Buka Puasa
Mosaic & Lounge on the Park • RM 188 per person
13 to 18 April, and 3 to 12 May 2021 • 6 to 10.30pm

Grand Buka Puasa Buffet
Mosaic, Lounge on the Park & Diamond Ballroom • RM 238 per person 
19 April to 2 May 2021 • 6 to 10.30pm

Hari Raya Brunch
Mosaic & Lounge on the Park • RM 228 per person
13 and 14 May 2021 • 12.30 to 3.30pm

For those who prefer to break fast in the comfort of their home,  you can totally do so and still be able to taste Mandarin Oriental’s buka puasa delights. 

Bunga Raya Set Menu  RM 432

Good for four persons, the Bunga Raya Set Menu offers Buah Kurma – dates; Ipoh Kari Laksa – aromatic curry broth; Bubur Lambuk Berlauk Sg Choh – porridge with chicken and chickpeas; Nasi Biryani – Biryani rice with fresh herbs & spices; Ayam Goreng 65 – Indian style fried chicken with local spices; Varuval Kambing – lamb cooked in spice & herbs; Masala Udang – prawn cooked with tomato & onion; Pakora Goreng Garing – mixed vegetable chickpea batter fry; and Bubur Cha-cha Jagung Manis Bersago – pandan strip porridge with sweet corn. 

Bunga Melur Set Menu  RM592

Good for four persons, offers Buah Kurma – dates; Kajang Satay Kandar – chicken, lamb and beef satay with condiment; Sata Ikan – grilled fish mousse; Sup Kambing Roti Bengali – Indian style lamb soup with fresh loaf; Nasi Biryani – Biryani rice with fresh herbs; Nasi Putih – white rice; Ikan Siakap Kerabu Mangga – deep fried seabass with herb sauce and young mango salad; Ketam Masak Lemak Daun Selasih – crab cooked in yellow spicy coconut broth with Thai sweet basil; Asam Pedas Telor Ikan – aromatic fish and fish roe with spicy sweet-sour broth; Ayam Goreng 65 – Indian style fried chicken with local spices; Asparagus Goreng Belacan – stir fried asparagus with onion shrimp’s paste; Ulam Kampung, Telur Masin dan Ikan Masin – local garden salad; Bubur Kacang Bersago – sweetened green bean porridge; and Aneka Kuih Melayu – assorted Nyonya kuih.

Mandarin Oriental also has festive hampers and goodies available for celebrations at home or sending gratitude from afar. Available for purchase at from 13 April until 14 May 2021, the selection includes:

Raya fruit cake at RM 148
Lapis layer cake at RM 148
Burnt cheesecake at RM 168
Raya cookies are priced from RM 48 onwards
Raya dates at RM 68 onwards
Hampers at RM 280 onwards

For dining reservations, please contact the Dining Reservations Desk at +60 (3) 2330 8798 or email

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative. 

See y'all in my next post!

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