The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore • Deluxe Marina Bay View Room Stay + Review

November 9, 2019

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing about my recent stay in The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore!

I recently had to visit Singapore for some private business. It was quite last minute but I was very lucky to receive a high budget for my stay. Long story short: somebody gave me some money to book a hotel of my choice.

I initially wanted to stay at The Marina Bay Sands because that's like THE most iconic hotel in Singapore (especially after Crazy Rich Asians). However, after checking out the rooms on Agoda, I found that the rooms actually looked...pretty basic?

Don't get me wrong, it looks good. However, with the reputation of their exterior being so big, I just expected it to be nicer/have a bigger wow factor. I also realized that if I stayed in Marina Bay Sands, the view/skyline wouldn't have Marina Bay Sands hahaha. The only thing people like to take picture of in this hotel was of the building itself or of their infinity pool, but I wasn't really interested in taking any pool shots (because of my tummy lol + there's bound to be a lot of people)

I came across The Ritz-Carlton while browsing on Agoda, and to be honest, it was the best looking out of all the available hotels at the time. The rooms looked nice + the location looked convenient as well.

I did a little digging on Instagram and found that some people I follow like Orsqr & Jamie Chua have stayed there before.

After seeing their posts, I was convinced! I decided to book the Deluxe Marina suite with the Marina Bay View. Under the requests, I asked to be placed in a high floor with the best view haha.

Click here to view property on Agoda

The room cost SGD610, and after asking Ritz via email, I was informed that a deposit of SGD200 is required during check-in like other hotels. Not sure though if the deposit is the same for all rooms.

I took a Grab from Jewel Changi to The Ritz, and the car ride took around 30 minutes.

The lobby is really nice!

If you look closer at the picture above, you can see the dining/buffet area. I was thinking whether or not I should get breakfast (since my budget still had more than enough to fit it in), but decided against it because I had to leave at 8am the next day and I wasn't sure if I could get ready in time. Here's a pic from Ritz' website:

Near the reception/concierge area is a space where you can have high tea, and I was told that at night it becomes sort of like a bar.

I arrived at around 10, and although checkout is at 12, my room was already empty. Though it was empty, they said they needed 3 hours for the turnover. I decided to leave my bags with them first and to go meet my friend. Once the room was ready, they would send me an email.

Before going out I asked if I could take a shower, and I was led to the spa/gym area. I didn't take any pics because...I didn't think it was proper since there were other people there haha. Here's some pics off of Ritz' website:

I was told that the hotel's theme was art, and that there were thousands of art pieces scattered all over. The hallways looked pretty nice, and it definitely felt like a luxurious hotel.

I went about my day and met up with my friend Sammi while waiting for the room to be ready.

I was expecting my room to be ready by 3pm but I got the email at around 1pm and only managed to get back by 2pm. I collected the room key card from reception and headed over to my room! 

I got room 2916, which is basically the 16th room on the 29th floor. I'm not sure if it's because I put in the requests option that I wanted a nice view, but I managed to get a corner suite!

When I first entered I walked into the living room where there was this massive window showing Singapore's gorgeous skyline:

You can see the entire bay! I bet this room would be great to view fireworks during new year time.

My bags were already brought up, so I didn't have to worry about bringing them myself. My backpack was put in the living room and my luggage in the closet!

I don't know if it's because of the colours scheme, the octagon windows or the tatami-like walls, but the entire suite seemed to have a Japanese feel/look.

To the left of the living room was the bedroom:

Usually if you get the Marina Bay View room, your bathroom will have the window with the view. Since my suite was a corner one, my room got the Marina Bay View:

I actually found that I preferred this because it was so much easier to take picture with the bench that with the bathtub!

Here's what the bedroom looks like:

Connected to it was the bathroom:

It also features the Ritz' popular octagon window with a nice view as well:

Here are the amenities by the tub:

Here's what the vanity looked like:

I quite liked it because it was huge, and I could easily do my skincare that night + my makeup the next day. Well lit with lots of space! Although I do wish they gave a stool or something so I had something to rest on while I did my face.

I forgot to snap the shower but it was located to the right with the toilet:

And further from that was the closet with my luggage:

PS I opened the luggage myself when I came back, it was securely locked when I came in haha

All the amenities inside the closet:

And through it you get back to the living room. Across the huge window is actually a TV + the mini bar

After going about my day, I had dinner with my friend Sammi in my room. After she went back, I went to the pool area to try it out. Since it was quite dark I didn't get that many nice pics (some were even blur lol)

Here's what it's supposed to look like:

After that I chilled a bit in the sauna and called it a night. I also filmed a night skincare routine, and you can watch it below!

Overall I thought my stay was very nice and very comfy. If given the budget and the chance to stay here again, I definitely would!

And that's it for this post! Thanks for dropping by my blog, see ya next time!

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