Reasons Why Taking a Nap Is Good for Your Body

November 5, 2019

Including a nap as part of your daily routine is a great benefit to your body. Not only do you feel refreshed and revitalized but there are many merits to add on to this positive list. However, not many people favor taking a nap as essential. They consider it as time wasted and a sign of laziness to those that catch some sleep during the day. Therefore, if you are wondering whether napping is good or bad. Consider taking a nap in this society of sleep-deprived people and enjoy the benefits of this important habit that some cultures value. Below are some reasons why napping is good for your body.

It makes you more alert


If you have an assignment that needs you alert, consider a little shut-eye during the day. You can consider making it habitual to enjoy its effectiveness more. This habit was practiced by famous historical figures such as Thomas Edison among others. Nowadays, everyone is busy and only a few understand the importance of napping to regenerating your mind and body. When you need a break from the workload ahead of you. Take a nap and restore your concentration and alertness to continue working with renewed energy. According to scientific research, napping improved alertness by 100 percent and performance by 34 percent. Hence get a good nap to get more alert.

Boosts heart health

Sleep is known to have many benefits to the brain but it also helps improve the heart. As you take a nap or sleep the heart is known to take some rest especially during restorative deep sleep. This is possible for there is a reduction of cardiovascular output that happens as you nap as well. Naps Are also known to prevent any deaths that can occur due to heart disease by at least 37 percent. Similarly, if you are sleep deprived some of the adverse effects are increased heart risks. Hence another reason to nap during the day by adjusting your daily routine.

Enhances your workout


Either you work out before or after you take a nap on your tempurpedic. Whichever you choose it has its benefits. Turns out that napping refines your physical performance and fine-motor your exercising skills. As you exercise sometimes your motor system gets fatigued and this is normal due to overuse. Thus, to improve this slow and less accurate motor performance. Napping will help to get you alert and get rid of motor fatigue. Include napping in your routine to get your connective tissues and muscles to repair. For while you nap or sleep the growth hormone spikes and starts muscle repair.

Maintains healthy weight

Another reason to take a nap for your body is to keep the pounds off. A nap will help starve any cravings that you get especially of sugary snacks. The reason you feel cravings at certain times is that when you feel tired the brain seeks to get more energy and a sugary midafternoon snack always sounds great. When you can control these cravings with consistent naps in your routine it gets easier to control any weight gain. As most studies show, many people that have had a poor night’s sleep are prone to make poor food choices. Especially those who need a boost in their energy, end up choosing sugary food and drinks to deal with the sluggish feeling. Hence choose to nap as a better alternative to deal with sleepiness.

Reduces stress


As many people in today’s lives have a lot to deal with that ends up stressing them. Plus, most of them get stressed due to sleep deprivation. They have increased levels of the cortisol hormone that is the stress hormone that makes them consistently stressed. Therefore, a nap is known to reduce the tension that is caused by stress and hence it is good for the body. So, the cortisol levels drop and also you have a lower blood pressure to those that their stress levels are heightened. If you feel stressed add napping for an hour or less in your daily routine to reduce amounts of the stress hormones and decrease the stress hormones. Fortunately, you do not need to nap for many hours to shift to better rest and less stress, 40 minutes of napping does the trick.

It enhances creativity

Not only does napping improve your performance in general but it enhances your creativity. A good nap in the afternoon will help bolster your brain clearing any unnecessary information. Hence that’s why most people get fresh ideas when they wake up in the morning. Also for short naps as well you get ideas and solutions that help you get through the other half of the day. get a good nap by wearing an eye mask, earplugs and have an alarm on for the specified time. Wake up with a boost in your productivity and creativity enhanced.

Improves immune system


Naps are known to improve your immune system and thus help our body ward off invading germs. Whether you are napping due to sleep deprivation or as a habit. It helps restore immune function and is more effective when you have a good night’s sleep and follow through with a nap the next day. Hence you can fight diseases with ease that’s why most nappers rarely get a cold. In addition to this, napping is also known to help with skin and tissue regeneration for a younger look.

It lifts your mood

A child that has skipped their daily nap is evidence enough of how sleepiness affects your mood. This also applies to adults as well and they end up angry, cranky due to bad moods. There is a hormone known as the neuroendocrine that helps balance the feelings of irritability and tiredness of the body and when you sleep poorly it does not function effectively. Naps help with this hormone as well by restoring it to normal levels like what we have when we sleep. Therefore, after a tiring morning, a power nap of about 30 minutes is essential to improve your mood.

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