City Milk, Sunway Pyramid Review

June 7, 2019

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing about all about City Milk!

Founded in Taiwan in 1998, City Milk serves a selection of hand-made fresh fruit beverages. Mainly known for their best-selling papaya milk, they're super popular in Taiwan and are available here in Malaysia as well!

With the rise of pearl and brown sugar milk tea everywhere, I actually find milk tea a bit... too much? I've definitely gotten over brown sugar milk tea hype by now and prefer other drinks. Although I like sweet stuff, I find that milk tea is just too unhealthy for me. Especially after reading this post, I'm trying my best to stay away from pearls and milk tea haha.

City Milk offers natural, healthy and incredible tasting drinks, and I decided to check them out one day. I thought that natural sugar from fruits would be a better alternative to the overprocessed sugar that milk tea usually has.

Located on the lower ground level, you can find City Milk near Eggette and the Asian Avenue section:

Here's what their menu looks like:

They take several payment methods + deliveries:

City Milk also has a membership programme where you can register for free after any purchase and get 10% cashback! In the end you can even redeem any drinks when they have sufficient credit, and you'll get a free regular drink during birthday month as well.

I came with my brother during the Raya holiday and I ordered the Avocado Milk while he got the Pineapple Toto.

My Avocado Milk wasn't exactly just a liquid but was more like a smoothie. I really loved the taste and texture of it because it tasted pretty fresh! You can really taste the avocado, and the rich/thich texture was really satisfying. My brother's Pineapple Toto contained yogurt, and it was sweeter, fresher and lighter. If you're a fan of thick smoothies I recommend the Avocado Milk, and if you're tired + need to be refreshed, I recommend the Pineapple Toto. You can adjust your sugar level to your preference and choose not to add sugar if you like as well.

The size of the large cup was pretty big, and I think for RM13 it was worth it!

I'll definitely be dropping by again to try their bestsellers + the famous papaya milk!

If you guys are interested in trying City Milk's drinks out for yourself, you can drop by any of their outlets in the following locations:

📍Berjaya Times Square
📍Sunway Pyramid
📍EkoCheras Mall
📍Paradigm, PJ
📍KSL City Mall, Johor

Thanks for dropping by my blog, see you in my next post!

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