June 2019 Bag Wishlist

June 18, 2019

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing all about the bags that have recently caught my eye.

I'm not really sure why but I've recently been bitten by the bag bee. I've been spending countless hours on Youtube watching reviews + stalking websites, jotting down bags I like. This post is mainly just to share with you guys what I've been obsessing over and to kind of get them out of my system.

A lil' background story, the bag I'm using the most is this backpack from Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club. I got it back in 2015 when I was still living in Penang, and I got it because of the size + the price. If I remember correctly, it was around RM500 after discount.

The colour is quite nice + the leather is good quality too. I'm not the most careful type, and once some time passes or if I've already scratched something, I usually tend to not care anymore. Although I've been quite rough on this bag, it's still in one piece. Being that it's been almost 5 years now, I think that's not bad (though she's in desperate need of a wash). I like how many things I can fit in it (I use it for travel as well) + how sturdy it is.

My second most frequently used bag would be this boxy bag from Zalora. They engaged me and gave me some credits to shop back in 2017. I remember choosing this bag because I did not have any small bags to use when I went out/to events, and it just ended up being my default mini.

Although it's small, I can fit quite a lot of things in it (a DSRL, power bank, wallet, mist, lipstick, etc), and its overall a fabulous bag. The only downside to it is that it's made of smooth faux leather and it has lost its shape a bit. Being that its faux leather, I'm actually quite impressed that it hasn't started peeling or have a lot of scratches. However, I do feel like I want an upgrade and to not use it to every event I go to.

With that said, the bags below are mostly bags to replace that small bag haha. I've seen a few backpacks and...nothing was really my taste. As for the crossbodies...my gosh I want them all!

Classic Push Lock Top Handle Bag

This bag from Charles in Keith is also faux leather, but it has a pebbled texture. I came across it while I was window shopping in Sunway and I've wanted it ever since. Its quite tiny (just big enough to fit my Galaxy Note 9), but I like how structured it is. I also like how I can change the strap if I wanted to to make it look flashier +  remove the strap and use it as a top handle bag.

Another reason why I want this is because of the price! This bag costs RM259 here in KL, but in Singapore, it only costs SGD69.90 (~RM212). That's almost RM50 off! The difference is mainly because Charles & Keith is from SG, so it's naturally cheaper there. My friend said the Singapore Great Sale is coming soon so I might be able to get it for even less. I'll have to wait and see if it goes below the RM200 belt, but I think I'll ask my friend to buy it for me either way.

Trail Bag

This bag is currently available in Malaysia, but only in their signature canvas colourway. Coach recently did a collab with Selena Gomez where they release 3 special versions of the Trail Bag, but I find that I like the simple black the best.

The shape reminds me of a lunch box and overall looks very attractive to me. Like the Charles and Keith bag above, it can be used as a top handle mini bag or as a crossbody, and I think this bag would be cute to bring out on events/normal days. I don't mind that it's smooth/not textured, and I think it overall looks simple and chic.

The Trail bag in signature canvas costs RM1620 here in Malaysia. The black Trail bag was not available on Coach's US site but its available on their UK website for £295 (~RM1558).

Canteen Bag

I saw this bag while browsing Coach's online sale and thought it was cute. It's a newer version of their Canteen crossbody bag which used to look like this:

I think the new design looks sleeker + more streamlined. To be honest I think this bag is at the bottom of my wishlist. You can't really use it as a top handle bag, and the logo on the front that the old version had has been removed. It's cute and I'd like to have it I'd prefer the Trail bag over it any day.

This bag is not available at all in Malaysia, but it's currently available and on sale on Coach's US website for USD210 (~RM874). The normal price is USD350 (~RM1457). My aunt in the US lives near a Coach outlet and I asked her to help me check if the Canteen or the Trail bags are available there for cheaper. Hopefully, she manages to find a good deal!

Roller Bag

I discovered this bag on Instagram and it has been on my mind FOR THE LONGEST TIME. I kept on thinking "Is this it? My first luxury purchase?". I really like the classic but modern look of it, and I really want it, but I kind of have a love-hate relationship with it.

On the good side, the black leather version from the Atelier collection looks so chic and simple. It's a nice accent to any outfit and will go with anything, and the size can easily fit a lot of things.

As for the cons, this bag currently retails for USD1300 on their US site and RM5500 here in Malaysia. The Malaysian price is not that far off from the US price, but still, it's still a lot of cash. I don't mind saving for it for a couple of months, but I'm really questioning whether or not it's worth it. The text on the front and the simple black can look a bit underwhelming, and I'm not sure if the text will last/peel. The leather is also not that hard, so the shape distorts if it's not fully full/you have items with sharp edges in it.

Some of these cons can be eliminated with the Oblique version of the bag. The material is cloth/canvas/jacquard, and although it's not super hard, it looks to be slightly sturdier than the black leather version.  Since it contains Dior's signature monogram, it'll be a nice accent to an outfit + I'm sure would be age well + would be well coveted once it ages.

The cons of the Oblique version would be that it's not fully leather but costs just as much as if it were. For RM5500, I'm not sure whether or not it would be better to go with leather (which is sturdier but looks a bit too simple) or with the Oblique (which looks stunning + is a good investment but is not made of leather)

This bag initially retailed for USD900, so I predict that the price is only going to go higher and higher. To be able to buy it in the first place I'll have to adjust my budgeting, and the latest I'll be able to afford it responsibly would be around November/December this year. Who knows? Maybe by that time, I'll have found a better bag to be my first luxury purchase. Or will I still be obsessing on whether or not I should get the Atelier or Oblique?

Here's a video about the Atelier version:

And here's a video about the Oblique:

Bottom note: I think this bag is cute and although I can technically buy it, it wouldn't be smart to do so because that's a lot of money for me now + I'd rather get something nicer as my first luxury purchase.

GG Marmont small matelassé shoulder bag 

On top my list!! To be honest, I'm not a big fan of most of Gucci's stuff, but I do like their fragrance packaging + the Marmont line. I love the logo font (reminds me of SNSD & is not basic) + the padded style. The products from this line just suit my taste the most out of all their products!

Among the entire collection, the GG Marmont small matelassé shoulder bag stood out the most to me. The shape is similar to a lot of the other camera crossbody bags outs there, but the GG against the black really stands out.

Compared to the Dior Roller Bag, this has more structure and doesn't look that weird even if you don't fill it fully. It's also cheaper by $10 (lol) and although I'm not sure how much it retails in Malaysia, I think this bag is more worth it.

Aside from the Charles & Keith bag (which I'm determined to get), I'm not sure what my future will be with the others. Sigh. I guess I have to work hard if I want to buy them all!

Thanks for dropping by my blog, see you in my next post!

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