THE FACE SHOP x Belif x VDIVOV Pop up store, Setia City Mall

June 30, 2019

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing about the THE FACE SHOP x Belif x VDIVOV pop up store in Setia City Mall that I visited yesterday.

Consisting of three brands under LG Health & Household, this pop-up store featured products samples from The Face Shop, Belif and VDIVOV, as well as gifts and fun activities!

The pop up store will be open till June 30 10pm in Setia City Mall Shah Alam, and will be visiting Penang (Gurney Plaza) in August, as well as Johor (The Mall Southkey Mid Valley) in October.

If you guys aren't familiar with VDIVOV, that's because it's actually a super new brand!

Born only in April of this year, VDIVOV (pronounced vee-dee-vov) is a trendy new brand that offers fun colour cosmetics.

The pop up store contains a vanity where you can try out the products for yourself:

They also have a lot of their colour cosmetics out for you to try. For a new brand, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they already carry so many shades of lipstick:

They event have different formulas like stick and liquid available!

Their packaging overall feels quite luxe to the touch.

Aside from the lippies, they also had colour correctors, complexion products & eye products like eyeshadows and eyebrow pencils out for demo:

You can join in the activities in this section of the pop-up store by completing an easy puzzle. You can use their products and unleash your inner artist by creating a face chart.

Up next we have Belif, one of my ultimate fave brands!

Here you can try your hand at winning some samples from their crane machine.

Their best-selling bomb products are out for testing, and I really recommend you guys to check them out!

They have my fave Youth Creator Age Knockdown Bomb +  The True Tincture Mask Chamomile, and you can feel for yourself why I love the texture. You can also see why their best-selling Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask is so popular!

Belif was previously only available in their KLCC + Mid Valley flagship stores, but soon you'll be seeing more of them! Belif will soon be available in The Face Shop stores as well, so keep an eye out for them.

Last but definitely not least is my OG bae, The Face Shop!

Here you can spin the wheel of fortune and win a freebie without any purchase! You can also collect some fresh caramel popcorn to munch on:

There's this super Instagrammable flower wall photo booth where you can snap shots as well.

From their extensive collection of products, The Face Shop's section of the popup currently only showcases all the different Yehwadam products. Yehwadam is The Face Shop's anti-aging range, and they have 4 lines available for you to try out.

I personally really like the Yehwadam Heaven Grade Ginseng Rejuvenating Serum + the Yehwadam Pure Brightening Serum. I'm currently using the Heaven Grade one + the sleeping mask from their Revitalizing Moisturizing line.

They also have on display the 5th and latest Yehwadam line: the Yehwadam Hwansaenggo.

Last time the Heaven Grade Ginseng Rejuvenating line was the highest, but the new Hwansaenggo line is its new successor. Featuring a toner, serum, emulsion and cream, the Hwansaenggo line provides the ultimate and complete anti-aging care.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the colour and stunning packaging?

After I finish my current anti-aging serum/creams, I'll definitely consider getting some of these products to try out.

You cannot purchase anything from the pop-up store as its more for testing + discovery only, but if you'd like to you can proceed to The Face Shop's store which is pretty nearby. If you purchase over RM199, you'll get a free watercolour caricature as well as a six-piece Yehwadam sample!

I love love love how the caricature turned out! 💖

VDIVOV also has a cruiser out, and it will be touring the Klang Valley & Malaysia soon as well. Its next stops are Selangor Dredging on July 11 and Menara Multi Purpose on July 12, so keep a look out for it!

Here you can snap pics + try out VDIVOV's products too.

You can also get your picture printed out + send a postcard to anyone you want to here in Malaysia! I think that's so vintage and unique because no one really sends postcards anymore.

If you take a picture and send a postcard, you'll be eligible to get samples as well.

And that's it! As you guys saw, they're giving away so many freebies so you should definitely drop by too. Their last day will be today, so if you're in town, check them out!

As I mentioned, they will be dropping by Penang in August and Johor in October, so keep an eye out for them as well.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, see you in my next post!

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