My New 2017 Journal ✏️ AnArtStore Review

March 13, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today's post will be all about my neat new office accessories, courtesy of AnArtStore!

Just look at that pic above! 😍 I've always been very intrigued by those super detailed bullet journals that are all around Instagram.

Source: studyng on Instagram

I'm not a very artistic person, I mean I think I'm alright with pictures and stuff, but drawing has never been my strong suit. I am however surrounded by artists like my friend Naomi (who always doodled stuff for us back in high school) and my sister Yana.

AnArtStore was kind enough to send some stuff over and their timing couldn't be more perfect! I've started my first ever full-time job at Althea Korea, and stationery was the perfect gift! I asked my sister to help me with some illustrations for my new journal, and I'll be showing you guys my progress so far:

By the way, AnArtStore is, well, an art store 😂 They conveniently provide affordable stationery handpicked by their staff, and I find their selection to be quite nice. Their products can go for as low as RM2.40!

The sent over a total of 7 products:

1 x Unipin Pigment Ink Pen 0.4 | RM5
1 x Cotton Real Sketch Book (Medium) | RM12
5 x STA Color Marker Pen | RM3 each

It came package nicely in a nice brown box with lots of bubble wrap.

The Unipen is quite nice and thin, perfect for making headers and writing with. The colour markers are actually double ended and have a wide and thin side:

I love love love the pens that they gave me, and the notebook is super awesome as well! Ever since college I've only used blank notebooks. I just feel more encouraged to be creative and write more stuff in them!

Anyways, I asked my sister to help me draw a cover page for my journal:

A few calendar pages:

as well as a logo in front (especially for this blog post hahaha)

I love love love the drawings and my new journal, so thank you so much to AnArtStore for the goodies as well as my sister for helping me out! I've seen some samples of "mood calendars" and I'm planning to do something similar with my skincare routine. I'm planning to jot down if what products I use as well as my breakouts, etc. I'm not sure if I can totally be diligent and keep up with keeping a journal, but for the sake of instagrammable flatlay pictures I shall try!

Anyways, I highly recommend checking out AnArtStore (click here to go to their site!). They're affordable, convenient and super Instagrammable. You can also follow them on Instagram by clicking here

And that's it for this blog post! I hope you guys found it interesting~ See y'all in the next post!

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