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March 9, 2017

Happy birthday to who?

To ShopBack, of course! Malaysia's top cashback shopping site just turned 2 and, and as part of their second birthday celebartion, they're granting 10 lucky people's wishes! All you gotta do is list down the products that you want from Shopback's extensive list of merchant (I really mean extensive, like they have so many!). Hopefully I'll be one of the winners haha. So today's post will be little something different: my Shopback wishlist!

If you guys aren't familiar with them, Shopback is actually a cashback site where you can get cashback AND the best deals and discounts on over 300 stores. 

What is cashback? Well, it's literally getting your cash back! 😂 When you spend online through ShopBack, they give you a portion of your purchase back as Cashback. This means extra, unlimited savings whenever you shop online!

How does Cashback actually work? Shopback's merchants reward them with a commission for referring you to shop on their site. Instead of keeping the rewards all to themselves, they give it back to their customers!

So without further ado, onto my wishlist!

Right now, there are 3 categories of things I want the most: Beauty, Fashion and Tech. I feel like these three are essentials, especially to a millennial. They may not be the most practical but I think life (well at least mine) revolves around these three things.

Below, I'll be explaining each category and the items on my wishlist. Let's go!

(P.S Some of the product names in bold are links, click in to see more about the products I mention!)

As a beauty and lifestyle blogger, I THRIVE off of beauty products. I have so many things I want to buy, but at the moment these are at the top of my list:

I've heard so many good stuff about this product! I first heard about it from Hover (a Korean beauty YouTuber) a few years back and I've wanted a bottle ever since. As I mentioned, you can get Shopback, and each online store has different cashback rates. The cashback rate for Althea is 9%, so getting this from Althea through Shopback would mean I would get back RM11.25!

I don't really have a lot of lip products since I only recently started getting into makeup. I really wanna try this NYX product (especially in the shade Cannes) because I've read so many good reviews on it!

I would get RM6.6 as cashback!

Ah, the Zoeva brushes. Can you honestly tell me that you've never looked/touched them when you were at a Sephora store? They just look so awesome! I want to upgrade my super basic makeup brush set, and I feel like this would be the perfect choice!

I would get RM63.68 as cashback!

My foundation recently finished, so I'm on the hunt for new one. Same as the NYX lip creams, there's a lot of good reviews of this foundation online.

I would get RM12.16 as cashback!

The last beauty product on my Shopback list today is this contour/highlight/blush palette! I actually bought the one with only the contour + highlight and I LOVED it, so I just know deep in my soul that I'm gonna love this one too.

I would get RM5.52 as cashback!

1. Crossbody Bag

Although super small, I've wanted to get crossbody bag for some time now. After looking at G-dragon and so many Japanese/Vietnamese street snap models for so long, I've just been longing for a crossbody bag of my own! This Zalora Mini Briefcase Crossbody Bag and this Charles & Keith Top Handle Boxy Bag are my top picks at the moment. Simple and stylish!

I would get RM4.5 and RM9.75 as cashback respectively!

2.  Loafers

I don't really have any leather loafers, and these Dr. Martens Loafers
& Farah Strutt Tassel Loafers from ASOS are just too cute! I actually saw a guy in a simple black shirt and skinny jeans wearing black leather loafers while I was in 1Utama one day, and I realized that loafers can be casual and stylish too.

I would get RM39.83 and RM32.20 as cashback respectively!

3. Dr. Martens Bag

Dr. Martens is one of my ultimate must buy brands, but I always find myself only touching the stuff because damn they're expensive! Although you can get some ____ with Shopback, the price tag is still pretty hefty. I'd love to own my own Dr. Martens Leather Backpack!

I would get RM56.91 as cashback! 

Now, on to the techy stuff! I'm not that technical but as a blogger and a somewhat decent photographer, there are a few electronics that I've been eyeing for some time now:

1. Ring Light

My office recently borrowed ring light and OMG if skin couldn't burn I would totally sit in front of it and take pics and vids all day! Pictures and videos just come out so nice with the help of a ring light, and this Fosoto Ring Light that I found looks quite sturdy!

I would get RM52.69 as cashback! 

Omg this camera. According to most selfie pros, the Casio TR150 is the best selfie camera ever. Unfortunately it's very hard to find and SUPER expensive. This Casio MR1 I found on Lazada is the next best-recommended selfie light, and from blog reviews it looks like it takes pretty nice pics as well. 

I would get RM53.68 as cashback! 

Who hasn't lusted over an action camera before! I chose this over the Xiaomi one because it looks so much cuter! Can you imagine all the nice travel videos this one can take?

I would get RM48.19 as cashback! 

This one is more of a random want, but I've always wanted this yellow baby. They're the cheaper alternative to the 5S, and I think they're pretty cool! (I wouldn't mind having an iPhone too haha)

I would get RM87.89 as cashback! 

Last but not least, I need an upgrade! My 1TB WD hard disk is almost full, and I need a trustable hard disk to help keep my files safe. I have tons of pictures and videos that I keep inside my hard disk, and living with another one will just help storing them so much better.

I would get RM81.18 as cashback! 

And that's the end of my wishlist! As you can see they have a lot of online shops available that you can get cashback from. From local giants like Lazada, Zalora, Hermo and Althea to international sites like Sephora, Asos & Charles & Keith. You're definitely spoilt for choice on getting you cash back!

I definitely recommend using Shopback, I mean you totally don't lose anything. In fact, you can only GAIN money from Shopback! Its just the matter of clicking to get redirected, and I have 0 problems with that.

So before I end, I'd like to wish Shopback a happy 2nd birthday again! If you're a fellow blogger and you'd like to send them your wishlist as well, click here!

And that's it for this list! I definitely had fun day dreaming about the stuff I want~ Hopefully I manage to get at least one of them 😭 Till the next post!

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