Mermaid Box Review & Unboxing

March 27, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to another unboxing! Today I'll be sharing all about the Mermaid Box!

If you guys aren't familiar with it yet, has been curating products into themed boxes which you can buy without having to subscribe to any weekly/monthly subscription, and so far among all the boxes they've released, this one caught my eye the most! This is my 3rd Althea Box review and I'm ultra happy that I have the chance to try these products out. (Click here and here to read my first two box reviews!)

The Mermaid Box contains full sized products and only costs RM130! Wanna guess the original price? It originally cost RM746!!!! That means you get over 80% OFF, which is massive! I think this is one of Althea's most coveted boxes because of the product selection and the insane amount of savings.

I had a lot of trouble taking pictures with this box because I wanted to be a mermaid and take pictures by the pool. It was such a struggle, like I literally didn't understand why the images in my head weren't coming to life 😭

So ratchet omg I cannot 😭 I cut the pool picture idea and decided to stick to a white theme instead. I also filmed a video to make up for the simpleness of this post.

The products included in the box are:

1. Son & Park Beauty Water
2. Chica Y Chico Skin Glow Essence
3. Rire Lucent White Pearl Cream
4. Witch's Pouch Real Skin Moisture Ampoule Base
5. Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura Crystal Light
6. CFC Lab Argan Glow Hair Oil
7. Chica Y Chico Urban Princess Mask

You can divide them into 3 categories: hair care, skincare and makeup.

At first I was wondering why they included hair oil in the box, but then it struck me that this is the Mermaid box, and mermaids have long silky hair!

Anyways, without further ado, here's my review of the products:


1. Son & Park Beauty Water

This is quite a popular product, like I've seen people make videos and blog posts talking about it before, but I never actually knew what it as or what it did. Is it a cleanser? Is it a toner? Is it an essence?

Apparently it's none of the above: it's beauty water. The official description says that it's a "smart cleansing water made from natural plant extracts that gently cleans and moisturizes the skin to deliver smooth, revitalized and hydrated skin".

You don't need a lot of product for this, a 20 sen coin size on a cotton pad is enough to soak the whole face. You basically wipe it gently across your skin and voila, your skin is back to its clean state.

I've tried this so far on my skin as the first step to my morning routine before my makeup as a refresher in the office. It's pretty hydrating and it does help to refresh the skin. I find it especially useful when I do my makeup outside the house, because it saves me the time and effort of washing my face with a cleanser to get a clean base. 

2. Chica Y Chico Skin Glow Essence

This essence hydrates the skin and gives the face a glowy 3d effect, thanks to the hologram complex inside! Not all essences come in the same texture. Some (like the Missha First Treatment Essence) come thin and some like this one comes a bit thicker.

The purple glitter sheen in it may look intimidating at first, but it blends seamlessly with the face, giving it a natural sheen. It feels light on the skin as though it's not there but don't be fooled: its both hydrating and plumping to the skin! It smells great and one pump's worth of product is enough for my entire face. What I do is I spread it gently into forehead, cheeks, nose and chin in a circular motion until absorbed. It also leaves a bit of glitter on the face!

3. Rire Lucent White Pearl Cream

This pearl cream contains real pearl extracts and pearl powder to help give the skin a pearly glow. Different from your normal cream, this product actually comes shaped liked pearls!

This cream is very hydrating, and I think people with dry skin will especially love it. For people with oily skin, don't fret! I've used this a lot of times as well and it wasn't heavy or pore clogging in any way. You can also use the liquid/essence that the pearls are swimming in for extra moisture.

I actually feel like my face is very succulent and hydrated after using this! One down side is that you have to really squeeze the pearls into cream to be able to spread it evenly. This is because you don't really want big chunks of the cream to be left on your face.

P.S If some of the pictures in this post look familiar or if you're wondering why I have nail polish in the pic above, some of the pics here are actually on Althea Korea's blog, and those nails are my friend Jen's! I did a review of the mermaid box there as well, so just a lil disclaimer~

4. Chica Y Chico Urban Princess Mask

The last skincare product in this box, this mask in contains both pearl and seaweed extracts to intensely hydrate and soothe the skin, giving you that dewy, glowy effect. You can use it like by  peeling off the mask from its holder and apply it like a normal sheet mask. Leave it on for 20 minutes and massage the excess essence onto your face afterwards.

M A K E  U P

5. Witch's Pouch Real Skin Moisture Ampoule Base

This is actually an ampoule base but it can be used as a moisturizer and a primer. It;s very reminiscent of the super popular (and expensive) Guerlain gold primer,

Both lightweight and moisturizing, the gold flakes dissolve when rubbed into the skin, leaving a smooth canvas for your makeup to applied on. I've been using this as my base/primer when I do my makeup in the office, and not only does this help hydrate and prep the skin for foundation, it also helped my foundation apply smoother and more evenly.

All you gotta do is pump out a coin sized amount after skincare and spread the ampoule base all over your face. Wait for the product to be fully absorbed before applying your foundation and voila, the perfect hydrated canvas for makeup!

6. Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura Crystal Light

This liquid highlighter isn't for those looking for a blinding highlight, but rather for those who want to achieve a subtle, glowy look. The pink tint doesn't really translate when it's applied, but it still brings a beautiful subtle sheen to the face. All you gotta do is to apply some product to the back of your hand and using your finger, apply it to your face sparingly in a dabbing motion. It's better to layer this product slowly as it can be difficult to blend out when applied in excess.

H A I R  C A R E

7. CFC Lab Argan Glow Hair Oil

I love love love this hair oil! I higly recommend it for those of you out there who want luscious, shiny hair, so basically it's for everyone! Although this hair oil may not turn you into a mermaid, it does make your hair softer and gives it that beautiful sheen that mermaids are always thought to have. The oil also smells very nice, kinda like grapefruits!

I pump out the product onto my palms (usually one pump is enough), rub my palms together and run my fingers through my hair. A little goes a long way, so I'm always careful not to apply too much. It's also important to run your fingers through your hair and not to directly apply the oil as your hair will look clumped up and wet.

If you divide the cost by the number of products, each product only costs around RM18, which is damn affordable! The Son & Park Beauty Water alone originally costs RM121, like, if that's not enough to entice you to buy this then I don't know what will haha.

Unfortunately the Mermaid Box is now sold out~ Althea's boxes don't come back, but you can still get the products featured in the boxes individually at a discounted price here~

That's why it's important to buy a box that you like as soon as you see it! Who knows, it might be sold out the next day! (You can click here to see all the boxes).

Also, if you're interested in getting anything from Althea's website, here's a RM35 voucher to get you started! 💕

And that's all for this post~ Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope you guys found it  interesting and loved the photos as much as I did!

See y'all in the next post!


  1. Always love your pictures! So aesthetic and high quality. The pool photos was actually great, keep posting, xoxo

    1. Hey Matcha, thanks for commenting and thanks so much for the compliment it means a lot 💕

  2. I always love the way you take picture and the concept of your picture <3

    1. Hi Ell, thank you so much! I still need to improve a lot, hopefully my pictures get even prettier next time! 😊

  3. Hi Eros!
    Nice post! But now I am kinda sad I didn't grab the Mermaid box! I think it ran out fast. Anyway I love the aesthetic appeal of the pics! Keep it up!


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