Garage 51 x Mister Potato 🍠 Review

March 18, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today's post will be all about my visit to Garage 51 and their new menu featuring Mister Potato!

So if you didn't already know, Mister Potato launched a new flavour: Sweet Potato! 🍠 Also known as Ubi Keledek here in Malaysia, Mister Potato collabed with Garage 51, and they came up with a new awesome (and instagrammable) menu ðŸ 

It was actually my first time visiting Garage 51, and according to my colleague Sydney, Garage 51 has been around for a while now. While they're known for their coffee, they've also expanded their menu and now include food like burgers and pasta 🍝

The interior is quite nice, although you may want to come before rush hours like lunch or dinner as the space is quite limited. I came with my brother Euri and luckily we got a table by the window!

The menu includes 7 dishes, all featuring Mister Potato's new chips:

Here's a zoom in of the menu:

My brother and I managed to try most of the menu, and I'll be sharing my thoughts and pictures today with you guys! 

So for the main course, Euri and I shared some chips and each had a burger.

Mister Potato Sweet Potato Crisps w/ Tomato Salsa & Garage Dip | RM13

Since these were still chips, I expected them to be very powdery and to taste somehow artificial, but they didn't! Although there is some flavouring powder, it didn't taste weird or fake at all.

The chips by themseleves were a great appetizer, but paired with salsa and mayonaise? PERFECTION I TELL YOU!

Butter Chicken Burger w/ Mister Potato Sweet Potato Crisps | RM18

This was what Euri had, and of course I had a few bites of it to share my thoughts with you guys.

Although the chicken was nicely done, I didn't really taste a lot of butter in it. The sauce was absorbed by the chicken, but it didn't taste very heavy. Overall I'd say it was an okay burger~

Chicken Breast Burger w/ Mister Potato Sweet Potato Chips | RM23

This was my burger and OMG I CANNOT! It was so good! The sauce was thicker than the butter sauce (in the burger mentioned above) and it had a nice savoury taste to it, with just the right amount of spice.

The burger came not with one, but with TWO super thick and juicy chicken patties!

Although it was a lot I managed to finish it (I'm a big eater haha). I would say that was exceptionally good, and very worth the price. You get such a big burger, and it taste MOUTH-GASMIC! Paired with the chips and the salsa/mayonnaise, it was just a combo too good to be true.

We also got to try out their desserts!

They had two dessert items on their new menu, and we went with...

Garage x Mister Potato Pancake w/ Nutella | RM18

After eating a lot, we thought that the pancakes would be too heavy, but no, they were perfectly light and fluffy. It tastes interesting with the chips, and I admit I wouldn't have thought of eating chips with pancakes. However, the overall dessert was quite nice because the chips gave it a bit of texture.

For drinks we tried out two items from their popular drink menu:

Cookies and Cream | RM18.90

Do you see that?!?!?! Its basically a milky milkshake (lol) kind of drink, and it was just a milky chocolate adventure! I love chocolate, and although some people might find it a bit too much, I found it nice.

It originally comes with a pyramid top with lots of oreos and cookie cereals:

And your can add more milk to it:

I can't its just so instagrammable!

Mochatella on Garage Coffee Cubes

Last but not least was this mochatella, which I actually enjoyed more than the milkshake. It comes with coffee iced cubes:

And you can add milk to it to make it a mochatella!

My brother said he found the coffee taste a bit heavy (he's not a coffee lover), but I found it more to the chocolatey side (I'm a coffee lover lol). I loved it and I definitely recommend it!

Overall I was very pleased with my meal that day. The chip appetizier was great, the main course was super filling, the drinks were cold and refreshing and the dessert was nice as well.

If you're in KL definitely drop by Garage51 and try their new menu out! They also have other items on their menu like pasta and sandwiches 💕 For my Instagram lovers out there, the menu is super Instagram friendly (as you saw) and you can take great pictures, both inside the cafe and out

51, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Opening hours:
Open every day
11am to 11pm

Facebook | Contact: +60 3-5612 5618

And that's all for this post! As always, I hope you guys found it interesting and helpful 💕 See ya in the next post!

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