INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us

April 23, 2016

Recently I've been HOOKED on reading comics. I came across this Facebook page that shared comics and I just happened to stumble upon the Justice League Injustice folder. As I mentioned a few posts before, I quite enjoyed the Justice League animated series when I was young, so I decided to give it a go and read a bit.

After a few pages and a quick Wikipedia search, I WAS HOOKED! The plot was kinda similar to Batman v. Superman, but not really? It's actually a game where DC collaborated with Mortal Kombat, but along with the game, comics were released as well.

To my dismay, the album was INCOMPLETE! I Googled for a site to read them online on and reading it has been all I've been doing these few days. 

I really recommend reading it! Trust me, you'll get hooked into the story as well. I actually didn't expect myself to be so into reading comics. The only superhero comics I've ever read are my dad's Batman comics when I was really young back in the Philippines. I'm currently on Year 2 and there are no signs of me stopping!

Read the comics at!

That's it for this quick post! I just wanted to share something I've been enjoying here on my blog ^^

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