April 24, 2016

Hey guys! I've been completely neglecting my blog for various reasons, so I thought tonight I'd make a random update post and share a few things that's been happening in my life. Having 2 classes a week means more sleep and I guess I've just been catching up with my dreams more often these days hahaha.

First things first, all I've been doing is reading this comic called Injustice: Gods Among Us.

I made a separate post about it just now, so if you're interested, do click here to read it!

And a little shameless promotion, I posted a video last week on how I got my gray hair!

Do like it and subscribe to my channel! It was actually the second time I dyed my hair gray, so it was kind of a retouching tutorial as well. As you can see from the photos below, my hair is back to a nice silvery gray! ^^

As for classes, everything's been quite slow. Web Development and Desktop Publishing seem interesting, and I've only JUST started getting the gist of the stuff our lecturer's been teaching. Wish me luck for my finals, really.

On a random note, there was a fire drill the other day and we were forced to go to this nearby field. I was so focused on making on my magazine that I found it annoying lol. Anyways, I now present to you our fab faces:

On the 14th, I had Jjajjangmyeon! It's actually the first time I've had it on singles day and I kinda hope it becomes a trend but at the same time not really??? (Yes, the date on my snap is wrong)

We've been eating quite nicely these few days, and I actually thought of doing a Penang food video! I'll see how it goes and I'll update you guys~

I managed to finally try out Maxim's Gelato! I didn't try the ice cream but I did try the milkshake. I'm not a big fan of it, but it was just so hot that I really needed a cold drink.

Kevin, Bella, Gerald and I also tried Ric's Burger the other day and it was quite nice. For RM10 a set, quality wise it was worth it!

And just now I had a late lunch date with Sharmathi and Bella over Korean! ^^

During one web design class, I was listening to songs on Youtube and I came across Lala Hsu's (徐佳瑩) performances on I Am A Singer and they are gold! I downloaded all 14 of her stages and you should really check her out. She has a very delicate and lofty feel about her, but she can hit those notes and has that power in her as well! (And she makes singing look so easy like wtf I also wanna sing like that)

My friends and I have been watching a few movies over the past few weeks and here's some of my thoughts on them:

The Jungle Book

This was a great film. It was definitely great to see a movie from my youth come alive. I think this was the most on spot animation to life adaptation I've seen because some scenes in the cartoon looked super similar to the real life one (aka the orangutan, the river). One thing that was edited out was the girl and a few other scenes, but overall I loved it! The animals all looked so real like TECHNOLOGY FTW!

The Huntsman: Winter;s War

The aesthetics in this movie was just top notch! Emily Blunt's hair styles and gowns, Charlize Theron's fashion (HER CROWN I WANT IT) and all the fight scenes and the ice scenes...just...well done! I was so into this movie! The sibling rivalry thing going was interesting too~

Begin Again

Although I did not watch this in the cinemas, it was a great movie nonetheless. The concept of an outdoor album was nice, and I kind of got a glimpse of how the music industry worked I guess. It also showed how fame can change people (aka Adam Levine's character).

Star Wars

I watched Episode 7 in the cinemas back in Melaka last December with my family, and although I remember having watched the previous episodes when I was young, I decided to rewatch them again just so I understood it better. I'm currently in Episode 3 and homg its so good! A little set off for me is that episode 4-6 was filmed before 1-3, so that means that after I finish 3, episode 4 will look...kinda old. I got HD copies of the movies and although the main point of the movie should be the plot and story, as a child of the 21st century I just can't help but WANT HD movies.

Me Before You

Yes, this movie hasn't been released yet, but I just had to mention it! I'm a sucker for romance flicks and this just...ughhhh I need to go see this when it comes out!

And that was it. On a random note, I've learned a little bit more about priorities these past few weeks. From friends' situations and from myself , I think I finally understand what people mean when they say people will spend time with you even if they can't if they really want to.

I have a new video coming out soon and it has something to do with the (kinda graphic) photo below (ps. its about fading them). Do keep an eye out!

And that's it for this random post! I hope you enjoyed it and as always, thanks for reading!


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