BLACKED @ Black Kettle

April 3, 2016

Hello everyone! I hope you've been having a great April so far. Last night, I attended Blacked, a music event held at Black Kettle where a few local bands performed.

First thing's first, an edited selfie!

A follower of mine on Instagram actually commented that "You can't be real...too pretty" XD thanks for the compliment but its photoshop honey, I'm not this fab in real life hahaha

Anyways, for this event I decided to try out my makeup skills and played with the stuff I had.

I got this nice coverage and everything, but the main point about last night's look was that I tried a bit of subtle contouring! You can't see it in the selfie below and above, but for the coming snaps/selfies, keep an eye out for my nose and my cheeks. I used the Klairs BB cream to highlight my nose bridge and used the Cathy Doll eyebrow palette to contour (bc my contour palette hasn't arrived yet hahaha).

So, more about the event. It's called Blacked and ironically enough it was held in Black Kettle. If you remember, a few months ago I did a post about Black Kettle's food and mentioned that they were planning to expand their second floor for events such as this one.

A total of 3 bands were performing and I've only heard of Acidic Bunch from my friend Fufy and a previous event in China House.

Entrance was free and the first few people got stamped and got this ticket with a couple of drink vouchers. To be honest I was disappointed because Uber was a sponsor and I was expecting Uber discount codes or something but nada -,-

There were drinks available from the makeshift bar (seen above) and a photobooth as well! Being the pretty vain creatures that we were, we took advantage of the free pictures and got ourselves a few souvenirs.

We were joined that night by Fufy's friends Nyara and Beerow. Kinda sad that I forgot to take selfies with Beerow, but here's Nyara, Fufy and me:

(Sans photoshop, don't I look flawless hahaha)

Music wise, the first few bands were just so-so, but the last band that performed, Acidic Bunch I believe, were quite good! Their cover of Evanescence's Bring Me To Life was nice! 

The reason why I'm not sure whether it was Acidic Bunch that performed is because the second floor of Black Kettle actually consisted of two separate sections. One part was where the bar, photobooth and stage was, and another was just tables and seats for people to chill. I didn't really want to stand and squeeze with people since I could hear the music anyway, but the few times that I did go to the stage for a while, it was surprisingly not that hot.

Fufy and I coordinated and wore white for the event (since the event was called Blacked, basic betches all wore black hahaha jk)! We both got new stuff from H&M and I got a hat from Cotton On as well.

A few influencers came to the event as well. I saw Kelv Teoh and the Kuan sisters, and apparently Jane Chuck was there for a quick appearance. I was too busy eating the finger food that I missed the opportunity to take a picture with her T.T

Okay this is legit rude I'm literally zooming into him but oh well.

A little trivia, we met this British lady that said she knew the organizer of the event, which was one of her models from her agency. After a brief introduction and some small chat, the lady actually asked me if I did any modelling before. I responded no, and she gave me her card and asked me to contact her! It was flattering for sure, but I'm not sure I'm up for modelling. I look awkward enough in my OOTD shots, what more under the scrutiny of a pro photographer. It was really flattering though, so thanks for the offer lady! ^^

There was a beer pong table at the event and as I mentioned there was a bar as well. I don't know why but I didn't feel like drinking at all. It wasn't that I didn't want to spend, I just didn't feel like drinking. Didn't really know why.

So that's how my Saturday night went! Hope you guys enjoyed this brief post! Find me on Instagram and Snapchat @fishmeatdie!

Thanks for reading!


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