Constant Gardener Coffee

September 24, 2015

Welcome to Episode 3 of Eros & Fufy Cafe Hopping! After Photo Comm on Wednesday, Fufy and I decided to drop by Constant Gardener Coffee after class. Our friend Amylia works there so we got to talk to her for a while as well.

I asked Amylia if the place was new and she said that it opened around April this year. I really liked the place because it was super cozy, plus the decorating was simple and cute as well. I'd definitely come by again just to chill!

Address: 9, Light St, Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Business Hours: 9am to 7pm. Opens daily.

You see the counter as soon as you enter and there you can order from their selection of coffee, tea, juice and pastries.


The weather was very hot that day and I didn't really want to drink anything hot, so I opted for the juice. Fufy ordered a cup of Belgium hot chocolate and both of us shared a cake. (More on those later).

As I mentioned above, the place was really cozily decorated and the posters on the walls were interesting to read. They have books and magazines available for viewing pleasure around the cafe as well.

When we went we noticed that they use fresh flowers on their tables and thought that it was cute~ They also have a few plants around the cafe.

So, on with the food! The menu wasn't that expensive; most of their stuff are similar to what I've seen in other cafes. I would have like to order the chicken mushroom pie and the white coffee or the earl grey supreme tea set but I was a bit low on cash at the time. I'll be sure to try them next time!

The table setting was quite instagrammable hahaha.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake | RM15

This cake contains 70% Belgium chocolate mousse, 70% Belgium chocolate base, raspberry cream and almond bits. Since they have Belgium hot chocolate in their menu, I'm assuming that the owner has a thing for Belgium chocolate hahaha. The cake was zamazings, its wasn't sickeningly sweet nor too sour from the raspberry. It was the perfect combination of both. I feel like the cake is adequately sized as well. If you're sharing though, you might feel that it's a bit small (hahaha tbh I wanted to eat more cakes after this).

I shall give this cake a 3.8/5.

Orange + Pineapple + Mango Smooshie | RM8

This was a great thirst quencher from the heat and from the taste of it you could taste the organic fruits that they used. A bit too small for my liking, but it did the job for me.

I shall rate this 3.2/5.

Belgium Dark Chocolate | RM 11.5

I didn't get to taste this (for the pure reason that I forgot to ask Fufy  lol). I asked her how it was afterwards and she said that its really nice, especially for those who love dark chocolate since its 75% dark chocolate in it. It has a tinge of acidity in it, but still enjoyable.

Fufy's rating was 4/5.

Since Amylia was working, she was sweet enough to let us try a couple of her inventions as well! 

First was this Coconut Panna Cotta Coffee which was zamazings! I legit had two cups and drank from Fufy's cup as well hahaha.

The other drink she let us try was this Mango Blue Lagoon. It wasn't coffee but it was great and for crying out loud look at the colour its so prettyyyyyyyy.

Here we have Fufy/Jeenphou in her natural habitat hahaha.

I had a great time chilling really ^^

Last but not least, he're my favourite poster out of all of them. I don't know why, but for most of the time that I was there (and I wasn't laughing), this poster kept on nagging at me from the back of my head and it just made me think of my future, I guess.

So that's all for this quick review/post of Constant Gardener Coffee. I'll be sure to come back!

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Thanks for reading!

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