September 1, 2015

Hello everybody! Today I'll be sharing some of my favourite recent shots. I'm taking a class called Photo Communication this semester and our first assignment was to take two portraits and two photos that were related to emotion.

There's an auto feature in every DSLR but I decided to go with the manual mode and and play with the ISO, shutter speed and aperture myself. 

For my first portrait, my model was Mio. She's Japanese and I know her through Kevin and Bella. We're not that close but she's very friendly and we've gotten along quite well the few times that we met. She had purple hair the last time I saw her and now she has green hair. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY HER HAIR I STILL SHINY. I want her hair hahaha.

I took the photos at Gurney's hedges and at the park because I thought that the green background would suit her hair. She said she was camera shy so I asked her to act natural. She has a great smile and a nice face shape, so it wasn't hard to capture her smiling. 

This shot was the one I submitted as Portrait 1.

One thing I noticed is that in the photos above, the light was coming from above and there was no light coming from the front. There's a slight shadow on her face that I think could have been prevented if I had a reflector to bounce light onto her face.

We moved onto the park where there was more light and among the shots I took I managed to take this one of Mio smiling with the wind in her hair.

There were a lot of nice photos but I chose the three on top as the best. If I were to choose runner ups, I would chose these two below:

The one on the left would have been nice if the focus was on Mio and not the leaves. The one on the right intrigued me because of her pose and the shape of her hair.

For portrait 2, the model I used was Tiffany. Tiffany is actually Fufy's friend and she was kind enough to model for us.

For her, we went to Botanical Gardens to take photos.

For the photos below, I chose the white wall as the background because I thought that it would compliment her skin as she was fair. I took the photo with the sun behind me so that there would be nice lighting on her face as well. I asked her to smile and to turn her head to the side a bit because she has a nice profile/jaw line/face shape and I wanted to accentuate her features.

This shot was the one I submitted as Portrait 2.

I also like this frontal view of hers but she wears eyelid tape and I didn't notice at the time that the take kinda got stuck on her left eyelid, creating more eyelids...

I took this photo while holding a flower, blocking the lens slightly with the flower and focusing on her face. The outcome was pretty as you can see:

Kevin actually took photos of Tiffany before I did so before she changed into another dress, I managed to get a few shots of her in black as well.

And because she's really pretty here are some more outtakes!

For the first emotion, I wanted to do love. My friends Bella and Kevin (code name BEVIN) are dating so they were kinda the perfect models for my shots.

We went to Straits Quay because I wanted to take the sunset, but it turned out that the sunset wasn't visible because of the haze and because it set in the other direction behind the buildings. The white background was still nice and I love this photo below; I just wish Kevin wasn't blur T.T

There were some hedges there as well so we took some shots and I just love the photo below ^^ (Do you see Bella's perfectly threaded eyebrows I cannot)

For their posing, I asked them to look into each other’s eyes lovingly and after a while they kissed, which I was lucky enough to catch on camera with nice lighting and focus. The photo below was the one I submitted because it was simple and sweet. Because of the haze and the buildings, the lighting wasn't very nice but after tweaking the ISO and the shutter speed, I managed to get this shot:

This shot was the one I submitted as Emotion 1.
As for their outtakes the one on the left looked nice, and the one on the right would have been pretty if the ISO was on point (see what I meant by the light not being nice).

Last but not least, for emotion 2 I used my business partner Jeenphou! The location was also at Straits Quay but for her I took photos by the ocean where I initially wanted to take photos for Bevin.

Do you see the haze T.T

I actually had her look into the ocean and look sad/emotional/anxious. I love the expression on her face and the way her fingers are posed makes her look anxious/sad as well. I asked her to look into the ocean while I went in front of her because the light hit her face well and there were no shadows.

This shot was the one I submitted as Emotion 2.
 This picture below loos so emotional/theatrical/Hollywood-esque I cannot homg.

This shot below was actually for her OOTD post on Instagram but I love how it looks kinda regal/wedding-ish.

This outtake was taken at a spur of the moment shot while walking~

And that's all folks! I had fun taking these pictures (although I think I'm a few shades darker now, if that's still even possible). I'll post my future shots for my class up here in my blog as well, so please do look forward to those. If you have any comments on the photos, please feel free to comment down below!

I hope my lecturer likes the photos ><

Thanks for reading!

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