RELOADED I / LUHAN Mini Album [Reveiw/DL]

September 18, 2015

Hello everyone! Just a quick update on my thoughts on Luhan's mini album :)

With the release of Tao's mini album(s), I was quite hesitant to listen to his songs because I wasn't sure what to expect. In EXO Tao is known as a rapper and I was expecting a lot of autotune and dubstep in his new songs. I was pleasantly surprised and satisfied with his albums though. I've talked about it a few posts back so if you're interested in reading my thoughts about that, click here!

Because of my satisfaction with Tao's mini albums, I had quite high expectations for Luhan's album. Luhan is a main vocal with a heavenly voice and a nice range, so naturally I thought it would be good. I was very much let down :(


The mini album, titled Reloaded I (重启) comes with two songs, two remixes and one instrumental.

1. That Good Good (有点儿意思)
At first listen, the constant "good good" was kinda annoying. After a few listens I grew to find it catchy though. The verses are okay and the lyrics are nice as well. I especially liked the part before each chorus where he goes "I'll tell you about // how it's gonna feel". The raps were...not cringe worthy but very un-Luhan-ly. I feel like this song would have been okay as a extra song, but as a title song, its not very good good (lol I made a pun). He doesn't showcase his vocals, his dancing in the MV was nice, but very...basic. I had high expectations Luhan T.T Overall the song is okay, but just that I was kinda expecting something else.

Gotta admit he looked cute trying to be all manly tho hahaha (Lu-ge you still ain't manly in my eyes)

2. Adventure Time (冒险时间)
The auto tune intro made me wanna throw my laptop away. I searched it up and they siad its actually not auto tune but triple sound layering, but really? It still sound terrible to me T.T Like seriously, Luhan you have sick vocals why you do dissssssss. When the first verse still had this filter-rap thing going I was internally screaming "WHYYYYYYY LUHAN WHYYYYYYYY". It doesn't even sound like Luhan! Like, really I wanted to cry T.T The random moaning sounds at the end did not make me happy as well.


3. That Good Good (Penthouse Penthouse Remix)
I quite liked this remix, more so than the original I dare say. It's more chill I guess. There wasn't any nice drops though, so although it is nicer because its calmer, I found it a bit too plain and lackluster.

4. That Good Good (Squareloud Remix)
The intro intrigued me, but that's all I liked about this. After listening to everything before this song I wasn't feeling it anymore. The chorus got replaced by this...I don't know how to describe it. That box that DJs have with square buttons that have fancy lights?

Overall I was very unsatisfied with this album. Judging from the album title, Luhan is probably releasing a part 2, and I hope the songs are better. I know you can do better 鹿哥! 加油!


If you wanna download the songs, click here!

Since Lay has his own studio now and technically still has SM backup, I hope he releases an album soon too. Kris also has a studio (I believe) and he's taking his time, but I shall wait!

So that's my two cents on Luhan's new album ^^ If there are any new songs/albums, I'll be sure to post about them!

Thanks for reading!

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