October 11, 2015

So I came back from Ipoh and after cleaning my room and taking a long bath, I turned my laptop on to work on my assignments and to type out some blog posts that I've been meaning to type for weeks but couldn't due to exams, college and just life basically. On the bus I actually made a list of things to do and I was in the mood for typing as well, so I was expecting a productive night.

Imagine my shock and anger when I turned on my laptop to be greeted by an almost empty desktop with just Dell on the screen! 

I thought this was just a glitch, so I decided to restart my laptop. When I turned it back on the desktop was just BLACK.

I restarted a few more times and it just stayed black. I went to Documents and found out that everything was gone! I checked Local Disk and felt a bit relieved to find everything still there. But aside from the stuff there, all my assignments, photos, blog stuff, music and files were all gone! I was legit having panic attacks!

I Googled the hell out of my phone and after trying several things, nothing was happening. I was so frustrated because so much of my data mas lost!

After an hour of panicking, I found this page that asked me do a system restore and it worked! I legit screamed for 10 seconds!

Long story short, I learned my lesson and I'm buying a hard disk to back up my files the moment my mum banks in cash. My laptop is quite old and buying a new one isn't really an option at the moment, so the best I can do is to backup my files before they disappear for good.

As I mentioned, several new posts shall be uploaded soon and since this whole thing shook me to my core, I'm very much alive and I think most of them shall be up by tomorrow. So please do look forward to them!

Thanks for reading!

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