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April 27, 2020

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing about this amazing deal I got from Lazada.

Hope everyone's doing well during this lockdown! Remember to stay safe, stay sanitized and stay informed.

Like everyone stuck at home, I had a connection to the Internet, very loose fingers and an urge to just buy buy buy. I know that it's not very smart to splurge on useless things during this pandemic (especially on luxe beauty products), but hey, I was in a very favourable situation.

Basically, I've been staying at my parents' house for 6 weeks straight now (ever since MCO was enforced), and even though I still have to pay for the rent of my room in KL, I've technically saved a lot of money (aka I haven't had to spend on food and transport).

Estee Lauder had the super smart idea of having a brand day on Lazada where they had ultra good deals.

They had more deals available but I forgot to snap all the images. Apparently, this campaign was run in Thailand, the Philippines and Singapore as well. After comparing prices and freebies with my friends overseas, we found that it was best to buy from Malaysia (in terms of freebies & price).

Their best-selling Advance Night Repair Serum? Going for 1+1!

Though advertised as 75ml, only 50ml and 30ml sets were available in Lazada Malaysia. I didn't really mind as this is my first time trying ANR, and I thought 50ml would suffice. Plus, the 75ml version of ANR isn't even available on Lazada or Sephora, only on Estee Lauder's own website.

Anyhoo, 1+1 is super worth it! While one 50ml bottle usually retails for RM435, you can usually only get 10% OFF via your 1st Sephora online order or 20% OFF during Sephora's storewide 20% sale. 50% OFF? That's unheard of honey! I had no second thoughts and legit grabbed this deal as soon as I saw it haha.

How this awesome 1+1 deal worked is that you have to pay a deposit of 10% from Apr 14-20. On Apr 21, you pay the rest. Easy enough right? The catch is that there is limited stock, so only the first few people who manage to pay first on Apr 21 will manage to get the 1+1 deals. If you miss it, the 10% you paid is non-refundable.

It's a little gamble, but as someone who sleeps at 3am, paying at 12am on the dot was no hard task for me lol. Since one 50ml bottle costs RM435, I paid the 10% deposit of RM43.50 on Apr 14:

On Apr 21 12pm on the dot I paid the rest:

And jjajjan! I got this super worth it deal!

The deal did pop up on Sephora as well on the 21st with no deposit required, but from what I know it went out of stock really quickly and a lot of people had trouble checking out.

In the T&C it was mentioned that the items would only be shipped 20 days after payment. I was ok with that (what with COVID and all, plus I wasn't in desperate need of it anyway), but to my surprise, it was shipped almost immediately! It arrived in my office on Apr 23, 2 days after I paid. Since my office was still closed, I asked for them to resend it to my house and I got it on Apr 27.

The serums came very securely packaged in a box + came with a surprise free gift. Was quite surprised to receive it because the deal was already so good.

The serums and the free gift came in a nice golden box, which came packaged securely in another brown box. Overall I was very pleased with this transaction, and I'm definitely going to keep my eye out for more LazMall brand days.

As advertised I got two bottles:

I'll be trying this serum out soon, stay tuned for my review!

And that's it for this post! Hope it was helpful and informative. I always share out good deals on my Instagram story, so if you're looking for a shopping guide, don't forget to follow me at @fishmeatdie!

See. y'all in my next post!

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