April 2020 Bag Wishlist

April 29, 2020

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing about a couple of bags that have caught my eye these past few weeks.

With MCO in full effect for almost 7 weeks now, I'm here to confess my sins and to share with your guys all the bags I've been lusting over hahaha. With all these free time on my hands, I actually expected to have more on this list. Weirdly enough, I only ever lusted of the new Dior bags.

Before we get into it, I've decided to make a tag of my previous bag wishlists + other wishlists, and you can find my previous posts about those here!

Beige Dior Oblique Jaqcuard Saddle Pouch

This is the bag that started it all hahaha. One day I came across this Korean fashion blogger who had a lot of pics with this bag:

I like the kidney shape of the original saddle bag, but I always thought that it was a bit impractical (size and shape-wide), and that I personally would not buy it for myself. When I saw this bag I was like ???!!! The flap retains the signature saddle bag motif, but the shape of the bag is more U/uniform. You can put more stuff inside!

What really sold it for me was the beige colour. I'm a huge fan of Dior's oblique, and if you know me, I love all things brown, beige and cream. The pics I saw on IG immediately made me fall in love with the bag!

Although I really love the colour and the design, it's a trendy piece which I don't really see myself being able to wear with everything. At this point in my life, I only really aim to get bags which I think are super classic and can match a lot of my outfits. Buying a Dior bag is still a fantasy of mine (which I'm planning to fulfil this year hahaha), and although this isn't on the immediate top of my list, it's still pretty up there.

I think the style of the straps also make it have a specific look, a very modern/urban style.

Small Navy Calfskin Boxy Bag

Because of that Beige Jacquard Saddle Pouch above, I was prompted to check out the Dior website where to my surprise, new bags were now updated! This one was another bag that really caught my eye. If you didn't already know, the men's saddlebag is supposed to be worn crossbody (with a cloth strap) while the original women's saddlebag is worn under the shoulder:

Because of the longer strap on this one, it can be worn both shoulder and crossbody! Although it seems thicker and deeper, it's actually stated on Dior's site that this navy one is slightly smaller. Kinda weird because it seems to be able to carry so many more things than the usual saddlebag shape.

I really like the deep navy colour of this bag, and the sleekness of the simple calfskin leather. At USD3.1k, I think this bag is *super super slightly* cheaper than the women's saddle bag. I'm not so sure how I feel about the CD clasp as I feel like it's a bit protruding.

Still, a lovely bag. Because it's longer, it kinda reminds me more of a police gun holder.

White Dior Oblique Embossed Calfskin Boxy Bag

This was so unique to me! I rarely see the oblique pattern on calfskin itself instead of jacquard nowadays, and this just had a very unique, minimalist and premium feel to it. Like the navy bag above, it has that protruding clasp which I don't really know if it will hold up well. According to the website, it's a "White matte-finish brass 'CD' buckle closure". I'm assuming it's just painted matte white, so I'm not sure if it'll scratch/fade easily as its protruding.

It's described as white, but in the picture with the model it comes up more off white/beige (which I love):

The shape is also quite practical in my opinion. The boxy uniform shape is a huge turn on for me because I love when I can nicely arrange my things without worrying if I'm going to cause any dents.

Dior and Daniel Arsham Grained Calfskin Wallet on Strap with Newspaper Print

I never really got the concept of wallet on chains because I love using wallets, and WOCs are usually so small that you can't put a wallet in. I guess that's the point, but I just find it so bothersome to actually take my stuff out and use the bag as my wallet lol.

Anyways, I loved the print of this because it just brings be back to Carrie! The first time I saw the John Galliano newspaper print was on Sex and the City, and it just looks so classy and unique to me.

The strap gives it a more modern vibe which is nice. From what I can see on the site, there are two zippers, and one side has the card slots. I personally feel card slots are so useless because they're so tight, but since this is a WOC I guess it makes sense.

Paired with more of the newspaper print items from the collection, it just looks stunning! Before MCO started I actually mustered up enough cheek to step into the Dior Mens store in KLCC and I managed to see the top that the model is wearing here. It really is a lovely print, and though I would have preferred if the bag was just one big empty boxy bag, I still quite like it.

Roller Messenger bag in Black Calfskin

Last but not least, we come back to my obsession over the roller bags haha. This is in no way new, but I just wanted to share my current thoughts on this bag (again).

If you guys remember a few months back, I mentioned that I'm planning on getting the oblique version of the roller messenger bag by the end of this year:

The oblique is just so lovely, and I think the shape and design of the bag makes it something I can pair with a lot of my outfits + use a lot.

With MCO and coronavirus out and about, it got me thinking that maybe for my first ever Dior purchase, I should make it more worth it. The black calfskin leather version of this bag retails for the same price of USD1300, and I've just been deliberating: should I get the plain leather one instead?

There's also the plain leather version with the Atelier Dior print, but I always thought that that version seemed a bit cheap. I really like the embossed text on this on, and being that it's full leather (compared to the oblique version's jacquard), it makes sense that the leather one would be more worth it.

The black makes it even more discreet and usable for more outfits, and I'm just so...conflicted haha. At this point, I think I'm considering to get this one instead.

And that's it for this post! Thanks for dropping by my blog, see ya next time!

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