Charles & Keith Classic Push Lock Top Handle Bag Review

March 15, 2020

Hi guys! Today I'm going to be sharing about my Charles & Keith Top Handle Semi-Circle Bag in black!

I first came across this bag while browsing Charles & Keith's store in Sunway Pyramid. I remember really liking the compact size + wanting to buy it. I checked online and it cost RM259.90.

I was just about to buy it when I realized that I would be meeting my friend Sammi from Singapore in a few weeks' time. I checked it out on C+K's Singapore website, and just as I had suspected, the bag was slightly cheaper at only SGD69.90 (~RM210)

Item No. CK2-50700841-1_BLACK_S

It all worked out for me because I also remembered that I had some leftover SGD, and when I checked I found SGD40! In the end, I asked Sammi to help me buy one and she passed it to me when we met in Vietnam.

I used the bag the next day and it looked amazing against my white outfit! The material is PU/faux leather (like most of C+K's bags). It's slightly shiny and has a sort of pebbled texture:

The lock is a push-lock type, which I quite like. The only thing I noticed is that sometimes the lock might hit the metal/not lock immediately, causing the metal to be scratched. It's not that bad though because the lock itself covers it entirely:

This bag comes with an adjustable strap, allowing for crossbody or shoulder wear:

This was my first "usable" mini bag, and it was actually interesting how I ended up prioritizing when I had so little space. I gained a new perspective to how women arrange their bags/sacrifice storage & size for style haha.

I can easily fit my wallet in, as well as my earphones, several lipsticks, a mirror and my cable. I can't fit my powebank inside, but compared to the other small bags I have right now, this is actually not bad. It helps carry all my essentials and nicely sections them off as well.

Speaking of sections, since the material is quite rigid, it doesn't really stretch. So if one compartment has a sightly thicker item, the space in the compartment next to it will be less/smaller. That said, I love how discreet and cute this bag is. I can pair it with almost anything and it will still look cute.

The shape of it is very classic/basic, and I can see myself using it for a very long time.

The top handle makes it look slightly formal and dressy, and I think it dresses up a simple outfit well.

Here's some more OOTD shots before you go:

And that's it for this post! Thanks for dropping by my blog, see ya next time!

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