Enchanteur Noir et Blanc Eau de Parfum range Review

March 11, 2020

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about Enchanteur's Noir et Blanc Eau de Parfum range!

I also made a video, so if you'd like to listen to me talk about these perfumes instead, check out my video below!

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If you guys aren’t familiar with Enchanteur, they’re a brand that offers a range of quality and timeless French-inspired fine fragrances.

They recently launched 2 of their first-ever Eau de Parfums and they sent them both to me a while back, so today I’ll be sharing all about them with you guys!

Enchanteur collaborated with 2 different perfumers for this range, and the perfumers crafted scents that aim to encapsulate your self-assured personality to take charge of your life. The Noir et Blanc Eau de Parfum range's aim is to highlight your magnetic charm with each unique scent, helping you reveal your true self; both dazzling and sensual.

The Sensual Noir Eau de Parfum is a hypnotic blend of sultry French Damask Rose, delicate Orange Blossom, delightful sweet Berries with a sprinkle of piquant Pink Pepper and rounded up by luxurious Vanilla.

The Dazzling Blanc Eau de Parfum is concocted with the brilliant blend of expensive Rose Petals, nectarous White Peach, irresistibly juicy Red Apple and dangerously seductive Sandalwood.

Both of these EDPs retails for RM45.90, but from now till the end of March you can get them online on Watsons with an extra 5% OFF!

As I mentioned in my previous blog posts before, EDPs are usually expensive because they contain 15-20% of oil, and they're one of the most long-lasting types of fragrances in the market. Because of it's price-to-size ratio, it makes it a super affordable!

The perfumes come in pretty boxes, highlighting their theme of dazzling and sensual:

They each come with 50ml worth of perfume, and they're packaged in a beautiful custom glass bottles:

The first thing you're bound to notice about these bottles is the pretty glass rose bottle caps:

At first I thought that made them pretty "extra", but overall the silhouette of the bottles were actually very elegant! They're also slightly vintage-looking, and I love how they look like on my vanity table with my other perfumes. On their own they also look super minimalist and vintage!

The perfumes also spritz a fine mist through the nozzle:

As I mentioned above, the Dazzling Blanc Eau de Parfum is concocted with Rose Petals, White Peach, Red Apple and Sandalwood. 

Between the two scents, this one is more in line with my style. It's not too floral and is a perfect scent for the daytime. I'm not sure why but whenever I smell it I think of a flower-filled library hahaha. Although it contains rose, it's not too overpowering. I get hints of it from the perfume but overall it's not very distinct, and it plays well with the other fruity notes to create a unique, irresistible combination that's perfect for the day.

Designed by Nathalie Lorson, a celebrated Master Perfumer is a renowned Fragrance House, I think Dazzling Blanc would be perfect for those looking for an everyday perfume to wear to work/school/on a day out, or even for a date! It's definitely flirty enough, and I think a lot of people would like this scent as well.

Sensual Noir, on the other hand, is a blend of French Damask Rose, Orange Blossom and Sweet Berries with a sprinkle of Pink Pepper and rounded up by Vanilla.

The notes of rose in Sensual Noir is slighty heavier and more distinct compared to Dazzling Blanc. I actually like it even though it contains vanilla, and that's a pretty big compliment from me. I used to have this pure vanilla mist when I was in college and it smelled h o r r i b l e, and now everytime I smell vanilla I'll think of that + remember bad memories. For Sensual Noir, the vanilla isn't as painful in my nose and is actually quite pleasant, and I would still use it for the night time.

Designed by Zarah Kosasih, a senior perfumer in an established Fragrance House, all the notes in this mix well for a nice night time fragrance, and I personally would only wear this only at night. You can wear it during the day if you'd like, but I personally just think it's better for evening wear. It kind of reminds me of high-class dinners and weddings haha.

Although most EDPs are said to last 5-8 hours and Enchanteur claimed 8-10 hours, I found that both of these eau de parfums usually last the entire day if I apply it well and use lotion to help it seep even deeper into my skin. They're definitely lasting scents that stay well over their estimated time limit, so if you're someone in the market for a fragrance that can last you the whole day, this might be a good match for you.

If you ask me if the perfumes are worth buying, I would say yes. For RM41.30 you get a 50ml EDP, and that alone is already a steal. EDPs are so expensive when you compare with other brands, so a long-lasting fragrance for less than fifty bucks is definitely a steal.

Every other box was ticked for me as well. From elegant-vintage style custom glass packaging to the nozzle that sprays it nicely into a fine mist, I truly think these perfumes are worth trying.

If you're keen to try one, you can always drop by your nearest Watsons! They're now available nationwide, and you can try + judge for yourself whether or not the scents suit your style. I recommend however to grab a bottle from Watsons' website instead of in-store so that you can get an extra 5% off (because who doesn't love extra discounts)?

ENCHANTEUR Sensual Noir Eau de Parful 50ml • RM41.31 (NP: RM45.90)

And that's it for this post! Thanks for dropping by my blog, see ya next time!

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