I'm From Mugwort Sheet Mask Review

March 9, 2020

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing all about I'm From's Mugwort Sheet Mask.

I previously got the sheet mask from I'm From's Mugwort line, and I recently had the chance to try out the wash-off mask version as well. I thought I'd share my thought on both of the products as well as my comparison.

This post will focus on the sheet mask. For my review of the wash-off mask, click here!

I'm From's Mugwort Sheet Mask is a sheet mask containing ground mugwort from Ganghwa Island.

Korean mugwort is an herb that trended a lot last year, and I would say it was one of 2019's hottest ingredients in K-beauty. Haircare, skincare, even supplements feature mugwort. Mugwort has actually been used for generations in Korean medicine and skincare, even in cooking. It's known to be a very soothing and healing ingredient and is effective in soothing redness and sensitive skin.

This mugwort sheet mask is rich in Vitamins A & C, making it effective in preventing ageing and promoting skin cell regeneration. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects, helping to prevent inflamed acne.

One sheet usually costs USD4 (RM16), and you can also get it in a box of 10 sheets for USD40 (RM160) on Wishtrend's website.

The masks come in a paper-type kind of plastic material, which I just have to highlight is super easy to tear!

These masks previously included 20ml worth of essence (like the ones I have), but they have since been updated to have 23ml worth of essence.

I did an analysis of the ingredients on CosDNA and found that the ingredients were all EWG green-level, meaning they're unlikely to irritate the skin.

As I mentioned above, this mask contains 91.45% mugwort essence. Mugwort is also known as Artemesia, and it is a super ingredient that is a great fit for all skin types (including sensitive, acne-prone, and dry skin). Most well-known for its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, mugwort soothes, heals, and nourishes the skin, helping treat redness, psoriasis, and other skin sensitivities. Mugwort is also packed with antioxidants and vitamin E that help protect and nourish the skin barrier.

This product has minimal ingredients and is free from any parabens, sulfates, alcohol, silicone and EU-allergens, plus, it's fungal acne safe. It contains highly moisturizing ingredients like Panthenol, Butylene Glycol and Glycerin, as well as Allantoin which those with sensitive, oily and acne-skin types will enjoy.

Right out of the packaging, the mask comes with a plastic guard (since it's quite thin). I love how they only included a half-circle instead of a whole one like companies usually do. Plastic was necessary in the packaging but they managed to reduce it, and I think that's pretty good.

The mask itself is made with a thin, transparent and highly adhesive I-Cell sheet soaked in highly concentrated essence to deliver the effects of the active ingredients to the skin:

It has a slight natural scent which is quite pleasant, and I found the mask quite unique because it fit my face well + managed to hold on to most of the essence even though it was so thin.


Cleanser - Toner - Essence - Sheet Mask - Moisturizer

I use this mask usually at night, and I apply it after cleansing, toning + applying essence. Remove the sheet after 10-20 minutes and gently pat the remaining essence to promote absorption!

Right of the bat I just wanna say, I love this mask because of how it conditions the skin! It leaves my skin feeling skin super soft after I removed the mask + as I'm patting the essence into my skin. Once it's fully absorbed it's not sticky at all (though it leaves a slight shine), and I can actually feel that my skin is super soft and smooth.

In terms of soothing and calming, I think the wash-off mask is better. I had a very bad breakout on my upper lip area, and the gel mask really helped soothe the area every time after I used it. With the sheet mask, although it's is calming (like how I observed it on my cheeks), it wasn't as helpful in my active breakout area (upper lip area)

Compared to the wash-off mask which only 2.1% pure mugwort, I feel like both are soothing and calming. However, I prefer the sheet mask in terms of hydrating and smoothening. After using the sheet mask, I can feel that my skin is really plump and moisturized. While I feel like my skin is also moisturized after the wash-off mask, it's not as much as the sheet mask.

Overall it's a great sheet mask, and after using 3 of them consecutively I would say I would be open to getting more. It does help to calm the skin and it helps soothe it a bit. It's amazing at conditioning the skin, and I didn't develop more breakouts after I started using this.

And that's it for this post! Thanks for dropping by my blog, see ya next time!

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