October 2019 Bag Wishlist

October 10, 2019

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing all about the bags that have caught my eye as of late.

If you guys remember, I did a bag wishlist back in June. Since I'm still obsessing over bags, I thought I'd keep the ball rolling and make this a series (at least, whenever I have new bags I'm eyeing that I can't seem to stop thinking of).

In my previous wishlist, it was mostly small bags, but in this list, I share more about bags that seem quite nice to wear out during events/daily.

Montaigne 30 Oblique

I first came across the Montaigne 30 back in June this year from one of Sophie Shohet's videos. If you're not familiar with her, I recommend checking out her channel because she does a lot of fun/interesting videos about luxury items + she's really nice and doesn't come across as extra like other luxury Youtubers.

In the vlog above she views the new 30 Montaigne and get the pink version, and in my personal opinion I didn't really like the pink and preferred the oblique. Lucky enough for me, Sophie's pink one ended up damaged and she ended up exchanging it for an oblique one in the video below:

I got a closer look at the bag and I have to say, it's S T U N N I N G. The oblique print on the jacquard is mixed super tastefully with black leather + gold hardware, and I don't think I've ever obsessed over a bag this hard. I'm literally watching reviews of this bag on Youtube almost every night and I can't stop thinking about it hahaha.

The size of it is very nice, and although it comes in a cute mini box version as well, I think I like the normal 30 version better..

It's logo-manic but done tastefully, and I love the chicness of the bag. This bag currently retails for USD2950 (~RM12.3k) and that's pretty astronomical for me right now with my current income hahaha. A boy can dream right?

Tabby 26

I first came across this bag last month. It was launched earlier this year but I think only arrived in stores recently. The Tabby 26 is a longer and I guess purse-looking version of the original Tabby bag. I personally saw the Tabby bags last time and thought that they didn't look special. These ones however, OMG so nice!

My fave one is the Oxblood colourway, and it's just so chic. You can wear it as a shoulder bag, clutch or crossbody:

The price isn't that bad, but I would not buy it in Malaysia. It retails for RM1950 here in Malaysia but only retails for USD350 (RM1.4k) in the US. That's RM500 more! I've been burnt the last time I bought from Coach. I got a small black wallet for RM500, and a few months later I saw it on their US website for only USD99 (RM410). It was on sale some more and was going for only US50! Lesson learned, only buy Coach from US + even better when it's on sale.

I think I'll try my luck during Black Friday and see if I can get it even cheaper from their US website and just ship it to my aunt's place first. Speaking of my aunt, I asked her to buy me the Canteen bag and she ended up getting me something else from Michael Kors which was around USD300. Thinking back now, I should have just not asked for anything back then and just ask her to get this Tabby 26 for me now hahaha.

Embellished Chain Top Handle Bag Black

I came across this bag while I was window shopping, and I quite liked the design of it. It's not leather but the texture was quite nice (pebbled) and I love how luxurious/heavy the pearl-embellished chain was.

See how nice it is?!

It's not big enough to put a laptop in but big enough to fit everything you could need to go to work. I feel like its simple enough as well to be work to events/dinner after work.

It costs RM379 in store but retails for onlySGD95.90 (RM292) in Singapore. The black one is no longer available on the MY/SG sitem, but the lilac version is still on sale in SG for only SGD67.10 (RM204).  It's not the most affordable bag, but for the size and the quality that I saw that day, I think it's not half bad at all (especially if you can get the black one in SG in that discounted price.

Cushion Bag / Medium Glam Slam Bag

This is more of a random addition to this list because of Forever 21. Basically I came across this ripoff that was being sold for RM120. I loved the look of it and how unique the vibe of it was. You don't understand, I think I went back to F21 around 4 times just to see and old this bag + to think if I really wanted it haha.

In the end I didn't get it because the material seemed easily scratched. There's a RM80 version on F21's site online, but you have to spend minimum RM400 to get free shipping.

The original Maison Margiela one looks prettier and looks sturdier as well, but she's too expensive for my bank account.

And that's it for my bag wishlist this month! I think I'm seeing a pattern here: simple dark colour (one tone) with a lil something that makes it unique hahaha. I'm not sure if my taste will change soon, but I can def say that Dior Oblique one will be haunting my dreams for a very long time.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, see y'all in my next post!

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