My Mini Bag Obsession

October 9, 2019

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing about my current ongoing mini bag obsession hahaha

I'm sure you guys have seen these miniature bags floating around Instagram. They're the Le Chiquiti bags from Jacquemus, and they're basically tiny bags that are more accessories than bags:

I quite liked the look of them, and, like a lot of people, wanted to jump into the trend.

The Le Chiquiti is listed on Jacquemus' site at $258, and ya boy couldn't spend that much on such a useless/splurge purchase haha. Plus, around that time (in June), the bag was only starting to pick up hype. Even if I could afford it or if I decided to get a knockoff, I didn't want to commit to the look because I had a feeling a lot of people would hop on the train and everyone would have the same bag. Lo and behold, around July everyone and their mother had a Le Chiquiti paired with their ootd.

I decided to browse for more miniature bag designs and came across this one on Shopee:

It's only RM9.91, and I even got to use a coupon + get free shipping. I decided to go with it because it was cheap (not a big commitment for such a frivolous purchase) and the design looked simpler.

I bought a black one in June, and here's a few gifs showing the size:

It can literally only fit a few cards + my wireless earbuds hahaha. I soon learned that it's not really much for storage but more of an accessory to add onto your outfit.

I brought it to Vietnam and although it wasn't the most useful bag, it did look cute + served as a nice storage place for my polaroids:

It definitely adds something to an outfit, and I think it's a nice accesory.

A few months later, I discovered that my bag was actually a knockoff of Charles and Keith's Mini Saddle Key Pouch (SGD39.90). Who knew people made knockoffs of Charles and Keith's bags?

A few weeks later, Charles & Keith released their FW collection with Hailey Bieber and Ju Xiaowen, and one of the pieces was, you guessed it, another mini bag!

The Croc-effect chunky chain handle mini bag cost RM219.90, and while it's way cheaper than the Le Chiquiti, RM200+ on an accessory was still a splurge for me.

It was so cute though! I couldn't stop thinking of it and kept in dropping by the Charles and Keith store in NU Sentral to visit it hahaha. It's available ina few colours too:

As if the counterfeit gods heard me, a knockoff appeared in Shopee DAYS after the launch:

For almost a fifth of the original price, I was so ready to buy it! I purchased it in September and got it a few days later:

The only things I could see were different from the original was the lack of logo, the pleather chain in place of real chains + the shape of the chunky chain was slightly different from the original. It still gave off the same look/vibe though, so I was pretty happy with it.

Compared to the previous black mini bag I bought, this bag is even tinier because of the stitching. You literally cannot put anything inside but a USB pendrive. Not even a lipstick nor its own strap!

It's not practical at all, Mrs. Bieber hahaha.

Anyhoo, the main point of these mini bags isn't to put things inside but to add onto your outfit anyways, so I didn't mind it that much. I wear it every now and then in the office/to events, and it really does complete an outfit:

I constantly snaps with my mini bags/new mini bags I come across on my IG stories, and I think I'm coming off as obsessed hahaha. I don't want to toot my own horn, but a few people have even replied saying they bought the same bags/asked me where to buy them 😂 Even my Indonesian blogger friends in Surabaya are all being raked into it!

Aaaaaand that's all for this post! I just needed to document this obsession/phase of my life. I wonder if I'll look back at it a few years later and think "what was I going through?"

Thanks for dropping by, see y'all in my next post!

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